Steve Green on the Christian Rights, Kavanaugh Hearings & More!

Steve Green

Hobby Lobby began operation August 3, 1972, with three hundred square feet of retail space located in north Oklahoma City. This was a retail outgrowth of Greco Products, a miniature picture frame company founded in 1970 by Steve’s father, David Green, when he borrowed $600.00 to buy a molding chopper,…… Read More

Robert Muren on the Entertainment Mountain, Anti-Semitism & More

Robert & Elizabeth Muren

Robert & Elizabeth Muren: Robert and Elizabeth met while teaching at a school in Norway. After marrying, they quit their jobs and moved to Jerusalem in 1999. For the next decade, they traveled in thirteen countries with a musical drama called The Covenant, using song, music, and dance to tell…… Read More

Mike Farris on ADF Religious Freedom Cases, Pivotal Mid-Term Elections & More

Michael Farris

Michael P. Farris is president, CEO, and general counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom. As the second CEO of ADF, he brings to the role a diverse background as an effective litigator, educator, public advocate, and communicator, and is widely recognized for his successful work on both the national and international…… Read More

Bill Dallas on THE EVENT, Did Trump Break the Law?

Bill Dallas

Bill Dallas is Chief Executive Officer of United in Purpose, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to unite and equip like-minded conservative organizations to increase their reach, impact, and influence for the purpose of bringing cultural transformation in America based on Judeo-Christian principles.… Read More… Read More

Lathan Watts on Defending Religious Liberty, Your Role Locally, and More!

Lathan Watts

Lathan Watts is Director of Community Relations for First Liberty Institute, responsible for all efforts to increase First Liberty Institute’s profile in local and national markets. His focus is on expanding public awareness of First Liberty’s mission, legal matters, and educational projects by coordinating communication with community leaders, influencers, policy…… Read More

NFL Commentator James Brown on Domestic Violence, National Anthem & more!

James Brown

James Brown, three-time Emmy Award-winner, serves as host for the CBS Television Network’s NFL pre-game show, THE NFL TODAY. He again will anchor THE NFL TODAY along with analysts Boomer Esiason, Bill Cowher, Phil Simms and Nate Burleson. Brown has hosted the Network’s Super Bowl pre-game show for its coverage…… Read More

Rigo Mendez & Debbie Chavez on Hispanics, Mid-Term Elections & Community

Rigo Mendez

Rigo Mendez, the Hispanic Director for Colorado Family Action and CFA Foundation, uses his passion to empower Hispanics to engage their values in their local communities. Rigo believes faith and family are the cornerstone of society and that Hispanics understand that preserving and strengthening this model is essential to our…… Read More

Dr. Dean Radtke on Religious Freedom, Mid-Term Elections & YOU

Dean Radtke

Dr. Radtke is the Founder & CEO of The Institute of Ministry Management & Leadership. He has 35 years of senior corporate and ministry leadership and management experience — a lifetime of proven excellence with an exceptional record of results. Dr. Dean R. Radtke is a national and international vision…… Read More

David Barton on Judicial Activism, Trump’s Judicial Appointments & Abortion

David Barton

David Barton is the Founder and President of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage.… Read More… Read More