Vaughn Baker is co-founder and president of Strategos International founded in 2002. His professional experiences include 25 years of patrol, investigations, and special operations assignments. He has also served as a member of his agency’s SWAT team for over13 years. He has trained tens of thousands of school, healthcare, government, faith-based, law enforcement, and military professionals from around the world over the past 2 1/2 decades on various safety, security, law enforcement, military, and tactical-related topics. Additionally, he has developed curriculum related to active threat intruder response, armed robbery response, corporate/school and faith-based security, behavior pattern recognition for predictive violence, personal awareness and safety, and numerous other safety and security-related topics.
He is the author and co-author of two books:·

  • The Church Security Handbook: A Practical Guide for Protecting Your Congregation in Uncertain Times!·
  • Active Threat: Workplace 911:An Expert Guide to Preventing, Preparing for, and Prevailing Over Attacks at Work, School, and Church

Strategos International has trained, consulted and protected over 275,000 government, corporate, school, faith-based, law enforcement, military, church, and security professionals since 2002. Strategos is considered the leading authority on the active threat and church security topics based on their years of research, experience, and practical testing of principles taught.  Strategos has trained, consulted, and protected clients in 15 countries around the world since their founding.