Tamra Farah serves as President of American Strategies, her re-tooled ten-year PR and communications consultancy, focusing on education and other policy-related initiatives. Tamra has extensive candidate campaign experience, including consulting and communications for local, state, and federal campaigns, and early in her career as the Oakland County Michigan campaign director to stop tax-funded abortions in Michigan. Tamra is currently focused on partnering with coalition groups to amplify policy and issue advocacy through American Strategies.
Tamra has extensive experience at the Director level of policy-focused organizations. She served as Communications Director and Deputy State Director for Americans for Prosperity in Colorado, Senior Director of MomForce K-12 education initiative at Moms for America, as the National Senior Advisor at FreedomWorks Parents Know BEST, and an Executive Director at crisis pregnancy centers offering alternatives to abortion to girls and women. She is a parental rights expert and advocate for mama bears fighting to protect their kids from woke and destructive cultural forces.
As a former board of directors member for the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado for six years, Tamra founded and chaired the Human Trafficking Legislative Day at the Colorado State Capitol. During that time, critical anti-trafficking legislation was passed and Colorado’s rating for human trafficking went from an F to a B+, according to a watchdog group. Tamra served on the Colorado Women’s Alliance board, as a member of the Political Affairs Committee for the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and is a member of American Enterprise Institute Leadership Network and Conservative Education Reform Network.
Dubbed a “communications maven” by Colorado Politics, Tamra has led candidates and organizations to the top spot of influence through creative and influential public relations and communications. Tamra is a regular guest on local and national conservative TV, podcasts, conservative talk radio, and in print, including Fox News, Real America’s Voice, One America News, the Washington Post, and the Washington Times. Tamra is a columnist for Townhall where her opinion pieces have been trending.
Tamra is on Instagram, Facebook, X/Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube @tamrafarah. Tamra’s book, Courage to Stand – Mama Bears Arising, is available through Amazon Kindle ebooks.