Steve M. Antosh started politics in 1976 as the youth director in the successful campaign of Congressman Robert K. Dornan of California.  In the same year, he was a delegate for Ronald Reagan to the Republican National Convention in Kansas City.

In the 1978 elections, he served as the first national field director for the Conservative Leadership PAC. He recruited and directed students who served as full-time youth coordinators for 49 Congressional candidates in 30 states.  Only one of these candidates was an incumbent and half of his candidates won.

In the 1980 presidential campaign, he was selected as the National Youth Director for the Reagan/Bush campaign and the National Field Director of the College Republican National Committee.

This was the first time a presidential campaign had employed a mass-based recruitment strategy among youth. He recruited, trained and supervised 34 full-time youth coordinators who worked in nine target states.  In those target states, over 9,000 student volunteers donated 200,000 man-hours of work to the campaign.  Ronald Reagan won 98 of 105 student mock elections held on campuses in those states.

In 1981 he worked as a Legislative Assistant for the Senator Don Nickles of Oklahoma with legislative responsibility for energy, environment, agriculture, science & technology, commerce, and election law.

From 1982 through 1984, he served as Executive Director of the Center on National Labor Policy.  He raised $2.7 million for this public interest legal foundation.

As Vice President for Legislation and Membership Services of the National Right to Work Committee, he directed fundraising and grassroots lobbying campaigns in 50 state legislatures.  During his tenure, he raised nearly $20 million for the Committee and defeated a $12 million union initiative to repeal Idaho’s recently passed Right to Work law.

Seeking to broaden his horizons in the application of the political technology, Steve moved to Guatemala where he learned and taught in Spanish as a professor of Political Science at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Under his supervision, his students organized Guatemala’s first grass-roots, focused-issue lobby groups.  The Asociación por el Poder Local recruited over two thousand Guatemalan members who successfully lobbied for a bill to give local communities autonomy and fiscal authority to deal with local problems.   He has conducted training in campaign and lobbying techniques for conservatives in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Perú, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Germany, and France.

In 1994, Steve returned to Virginia to help found the National Pro-Life Alliance.  The National Pro-Life Alliance is singular in its focus on passing pro-life legislation that will comprehensively protect the unborn.  The organization’s top priority is to lobby both incumbents and aspiring candidates for office to come out clearly for a Life at Conception Act to legislatively define constitutionally-protected “persons” as beginning at the moment of conception.

During his years as General Counsel and General Manager, the organization has gone from zero to 600,000 members.

Steve is an instructor for the Biblical Counseling Foundation and teacher at City Gates Church in Fairfax, VA.


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