Stephanie Luck is a state representative from Penrose Colorado.  A republican, Luck represents Colorado House of Representatives District 60, which includes Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, and Teller counties, and part of Pueblo County.  Stephanie is a Colorado native who earned her law license in New York State.  Most recently, she has worked as a sixth-grade teacher, and previously served as the president of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce.  In her own words, Stephanie Luck is a passionate advocate, a fighter, a dreamer, and a Constitutional conservative wholly committed to rebuilding good governance in her beautiful home state of Colorado.  She is a supporter of pro-life, religious freedom, gun rights, parental rights, local control, school choice, due process, limited government, secure borders, among other freedoms and principles our nation was founded on.  Stephanie considers herself a dreamer, a doer, but mostly a “builder”.  She builds ideas, plans, and visions.  The following quote from Stephanie Luck sums up one of her main core values.  “By helping people build a vision for their businesses, organizations, churches, families, and communities, I have discovered that dreams are contagious, and that vision has power – power to create first within the mind and then with the hands.”

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