Shiloh Moyo is the Founder of Glow and Glow Life, Hey Esther, several businesses in design and media, and is a published adult and children’s author. Hey Esther is a movement that empowers women through education to lead and thrive. Shiloh is a savvy businesswoman with a sharp entrepreneurial spirit. Shiloh is an Intercessor and Destiny Strategist, with a rare ability to pull unidentified or unrecognized treasure out of people prophetically. She is wise beyond her years, carries a heavy prophetic, and intercessory mantle and is called to raise and nurture giants.

Shiloh is an unlikely minister, a deep nurturer called by God when she was in the thickets of doing whatever she wanted and not trying to serve God. Shiloh had BIG plans, to become a well-known fashion designer and create her own international brand. As we all know God had other plans, and Shiloh’s passion for design shifted into a passion for helping others discover their prophetic destiny and God’s original design for their lives.