With a grandfather who was Chief of Police and a father who was a Vietnam War Veteran, Jason Mikesell knew from a young age that he was going to spend his life protecting those around him. Throughout a lifetime of service both locally and around the world, Jason has gained many abilities and pulled into his orbit the most talented people with complementary skills. As Sheriff of Teller County, he works daily to provide safety and security to his community.

Over two decades ago, Jason began his life as a peace officer in Park County, Colorado and eventually transferred over to neighboring Teller County. He performed his duties with dedication, earning his way onto the SWAT team. Continually demonstrating his results-driven attitude, Jason worked his way through the ranks to serve as Commander in charge of the detentions facility, the Commander of Operations, and the Commander of the SWAT Team. Also, before becoming the Sheriff, he followed in his grandfather’s footsteps to become a Chief of Police. He earned many accolades for his leadership, including personal recognition by the FBI Director in several hostage rescue operations and the capture of the infamous Texas 7.

Jason believes in the power of communities and actively works to empower them to maintain high standards of living. Because of this emphasis, his tenure as Sheriff has seen the expansion of the Reserve Deputy program from a single deputy to over a dozen. These brave volunteers who dedicate personal time outside of their regular jobs to police the county face the same dangers as any other peace officer while saving the county over one hundred thousand dollars annually.

Over the years, Jason has been sought out by civilian, law enforcement, and military agencies to lend his extensive expertise to their training programs. Among his many skills are physical security, close personal protection, investigations, intelligence and information analysis, counterterrorism, and high-risk arrest techniques. He has personally trained active duty Special Forces Group thru out each branch of military services. He’s also provided specialized training to the country’s law enforcement officials at every level from local to federal. Moreover, his instruction has stretched into the multinational realm, significantly increasing effectiveness and survivability of the militaries and law enforcement professionals of several allied countries around the world. He has also worked to provide physical security and personal protection to some of the world’s wealthiest families.

Jason Mikesell has dedicated his life to making sure others are provided with improved safety and quality of life while enabling communities to do the same. His straightforward, steadfast, and honest approach to everything he does has made him a highly respected leader in the law enforcement and security communities. With the experience and trust he has earned over his professional life, he’s established programs and processes that best ensure safety and security for today and into the future.