Scott Jensen is a lifelong Minnesotan and moved to Carver County 30 years ago to raise a family and practice medicine.

He published his first book in 2015, Relationship Matters, The Foundation of Medical Care Is Fracturing, which utilizes real life patient stories to emphasize the critical value of patient-doctor relationships and the absolute need for patients to be encouraged to be their own best “champion” for their health care decisions and desires.

In 2016 Dr. Scott Jensen received the prestigious annual statewide award, Minnesota Family Physician of the Year, from the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians.

In November 2016, Jensen was elected to the Minnesota State Senate receiving more votes than any other Republican state senator.

In 2019 Senator Jensen chief authored and presented seven unique bills on the senate floor, including a groundbreaking Pharmacy Benefit Manager bill representing an entirely new chapter of state statute, and all seven bills were passed by the senate unanimously.

In 2020 Senator Jensen was asked by the Senate Majority Leadership to be chief author of the Insulin Safety Net Bill.  After more than a year of gridlock, Senator Jensen brought the bill to the Senate floor after being chief author for 28 days – it passed unanimously.  Subsequently the bill passed unanimously from the conference committee and was signed into law by Governor Walz less than a week later.