Rigo Mendez, the Hispanic Director for Colorado Family Action and CFA Foundation, uses his passion to empower Hispanics to engage their values in their local communities. Rigo believes faith and family are the cornerstones of society and that Hispanics understand that preserving and strengthening this model is essential to our future.

Rigo’s is a public speaker, former teacher and faith leader who strives to empower others to maximize their potential. He lives by one motto: “Touch One Life, Change One Life”.

Rigo graduated with honors from Ashford University with a degree in Psychology and is a prior recipient of the “Goodwill Ambassador Award” and has previously received the National Statesmen Award.

Mr. Mendez also serves as part of the Leadership Advisory Council for the Faith and Education Coalition for the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) and serves as an elder at The Potters House of Denver.

To schedule an appointment or speaking engagement with Rigo, please contact Barb Monark, bmonark@cofamily.org or 877-239-7355.