Pastor Reza Safa is one of the leading voices of revival in the Muslim World. Through his Farsi/Persian television network, TBN Nejat TV, possibly millions of Muslims have declared their faith in Jesus Christ.

Reza Safa was born into a Shi’ite Muslim family in Iran. He was a devout and practicing Shi’ite Muslim, observing the laws and regulations of Islam.

As a young Muslim, Pastor Reza felt an emptiness nagging at him. The search for truth led him to leave his home in Iran and reside in the West. He immigrated to Sweden, where he heard the message of Jesus for the first time. Reading the Bible in his native language and experiencing the love of God through Christian friends, he decided to read more about this man named Jesus. After months of struggle and doubt, he finally gave his life to Christ.

In 1990 Pastor Reza founded The Harvesters World Outreach, a worldwide evangelistic and healing ministry. Since then, he has held crusades and pastors’ conferences in over 50 countries. People from all religions, especially those from Muslim and Hindu backgrounds, have turned to Christ in his outreaches. Pastor Reza then founded Fishermen’s House Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which he pastored for fourteen years.

In March 2003, after several years of prayer for the vision that God had revealed, Pastor Reza began airing Christian messages to Iran in Farsi. His broadcasts began airing four hours a week on a secular Persian TV network based in California.

In 2006, a partnership with Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) was formed and TBN Nejat TV, a full-time satellite network in the Farsi language was launched (Nejat means “salvation” in Farsi/Persian). The response has been overwhelming. According to some research, three to five million Iranian Muslims have come to Christ as a result of this TV network.

Over 90 underground churches have been established through TBN Nejat TV in Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, and other Farsi-speaking areas. Despite severe persecution by the Iranian government against underground churches, God’s Word is spreading like a wildfire all over Iran. Pastor Reza believes that Iran will be the first Islamic nation to convert to Christianity.

Today, he pastors a local Persian church in Irvine, CA, and teaches from the New Testament on his weekly Youtube Live and Facebook Live program in English. He also preaches several days weekly on Swedish/Norwegian TV and his show Day of Salvation airs in several major US cities.