Rev. Dr. Melvin L. Johnson. Having been raised in a small southern Texas town during the volatile sixties and seventies, Rev. Dr. Melvin L. Johnson (ML) witnessed and experienced much of the cultural changes that were powered by the Civil Rights Movement and the Viet Nam War. He and his two siblings grew up in a home with traditional Judeo-Christian values surrounded by a community where “taking a village to raise a child” was normal as well as acceptable. One unique character trait within him was to see himself as an equal to people of other races who may have considered him inferior and identified racial hatred as being the most important issue of the time in need of solving.

With an unquenchable desire to identify and solve the most pressing social problems of our time, Rev. Dr. M.L. Johnson was licensed to preach the gospel in April of 1988 at Hall Chapel Baptist Church, and has been the sr. pastor of the Heart of Christ Community Church where he and Sheena, wife of 42 years have served for 27 years. They have nine children—two biological and seven adopted. He has earned a BA degree in Religious Education, MA degree in Christian Counseling and a DM in Theology from Covington School of Theology.
He has authored several books such as Junk Food in the Body of Christ, Overcoming Racism Through the Gospel, From Heaven to You, and has a new book coming out titled Understanding Socialism and the Danger It Brings- A Basic Primer. Rev. Johnson defines himself as being a spiritual pathologist, as he seeks to study the causes for spiritual death in individuals and offer Biblical information that transforms lives for better living. As Dr. Johnson was prayerfully researching and seeking solutions to the racial disparity problem in America, he discovered that throughout his efforts, he constantly crossed trails with one key element that either spoke out boldly or could be seen in the background of the leaders and movements especially within the struggle for equal rights for blacks in particular—socialism!
To his chagrin, Dr. Johnson soon discovered that the socialist movement in the United States has exerted influences throughout practically every aspect of American life, affecting all from the basic family unit to the Oval Office of the President of the United States of America. For this reason, he has written this book for the purpose of helping individuals to understand how dangerous socialism—the forerunner to communism—actually is! He has worked to present eight observations reflective of socialism’s nature and the affects it has had on cultures and nations past and present. He subtitles this book A Basic Primer not to demean or speak to the reader in a tone of condescension, but to ensure that the reader gets the message without being pulled within the proverbial tall grass.