Paul Milligan was born in Texas January 3rd 1954. He served in the US Navy for 8 years
during the Viet Nam era. After leaving the Navy Paul worked for Aerospace
Engineering and Technical service firms before starting his own company.

Paul is also a Pilot and flew his own aircraft for his businesses for 27 years.
Paul started Global Technical Services in 1989 with capital from an angel investor.
As former vice president of a large technical services company, Paul parlayed his
experience and contacts into a successful aerospace technical services firm. In 2017,
after twenty-eight years in business, Paul merged Global Technical Services with a
public company listed on Nasdaq.

In 2002, Paul acquired Solaris Healthcare, Inc. The company specializes in hospice
and palliative care. Since 2002, three startups have been launched from core
competencies of Solaris Healthcare, Inc., a durable medical equipment company
(Solaris DME, an institutional pharmaceutical company, (Solaris Pharmaceuticals,
Inc. and (Solaris Home Health, Inc). These Companies all operate under an umbrella
corporation (Solaris Healthcare, Inc.) and have offices and facilites in over 40 cities
and three states. Paul’s son Andrew is CEO of Solaris Healthcare, Inc. and resides
in the Dallas Ft Worth, Texas area. All Paul’s children and several Grandchildren
all work in the Solaris Healthcare group of companies.

During the 1990s, Paul started several other companies, which have all been sold or
liquidated. Paul has over forty years of experience in the corporate world including
twenty-eight years building his own companies.

Paul served as a teaching elder in His local church in Texas for 25 years and was
Worship Leader for 20 years.

Paul is currently chairman of the board of Solaris Healthcare, Inc., and has been a
member of the board of directors of Andrew Wommack Ministries/Charis Bible
College since 2002.

Paul also served as Chief Executive Officer of Andrew Wommack Ministries and
Charis Bible College from April 1st 2014 through November 30th 2020.

Paul established the Charis Bible College Third Year Business School, in Woodland
Park, Colorado in 2011 and served as Director for 12 years.

Paul and his wife, Patsy, have been married for 49 years and have three children nine
grandchildren and two great grandchildren. They reside in Woodland Park,
Colorado and Denton Texas.