Paul L. Williams is a journalist and the author of eighteen books, including Among the Ruins: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Catholic Church, Crescent Moon Rising: The Islamic Transformation of America, and Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia, which is being made into a movie series for AMC. His works have met with widespread critical praise and international success. The Vatican Exposed was hailed by Booklist as “a jaw-dropping book for Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and its straightforward manner and thoroughly documented evidence makes it a compelling dialogue for reform.” Regarding Among the Ruins, Publishers Weekly said: “One can’t argue that this is a jaw-dropping, provocative read.” The Washington Book Review proclaimed Operation Gladio to be “an estimable scholarly and intellectual accomplishment which is unrivaled.”

Williams is the winner of three first-place Keystone Press Awards, a feat that remains unequaled in the annals of the prestigious awards. He began his career by writing articles on religion in America for National Review, when William F. Buckley served as publisher. Williams subsequently penned features for other major publications, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, World Net Daily, and The Counter-Terrorist. He has appeared on every major news outlet, including PBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News and MSNBC, and a series of documentaries that appeared on The History Channel and the Discovery network. His investigative work while writing Osama’s Revenge, The Al-Qaeda Connection, The Day of Islam, and The Dunces of Doomsday resulted in the uncovering a plot by radical Islamists in Canada to blow up Parliament and to behead the Prime Minister. Thanks to this discovery, he was feted by the Ontario Provisional Police and gained recognition as an expert on terrorism.

For years, Williams served as a chief consultant on organized crime for the FBI. His work in this capacity resulted in the arrest and convictions of leading Mafia figures.

In recent years, he has worked with Dr. Rodney Howard Browne of Revival Ministries International in co-authoring four books: The Killing of Uncle Sam, The Killing of the Planet, Socialism under the Microscope, and The Phantom Virus.

Williams holds a Ph. D. in philosophical theology from Drew University, where he received six academic scholarships, and served for many years as a consultant on organized crime for the FBI. He has served as an adjunct professor of religion, philosophy, and the humanities at The University of Scranton and Wilkes University.

Williams lives in Clarks Green, with his wife Patricia. They have been married for forty-eight years. His daughter Kate Grabau is an actress in Los Angeles.