Save the Storks President, Paul Isaacs, comes from Ohio – the land of Buckeyes football (and he’s a big fan). A father, husband, and leader, Paul brings a pastor’s heart to Save the Storks. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a B.A. in History, and then from the University of Dayton with an M.A. in Community Counseling.

When he’s not saving storks, you can find Paul hanging out with his active family. He loves skiing with his son, spending time with his beautiful daughters (one of whom heads to Texas A&M next year), and dating his best friend, April Isaacs.

As President of Save the Storks, Paul’s passion is to share the vision of the organization with churches, universities, other organizations, and anyone else who will listen. Paul has a remarkable gift for interacting with and leading the growing staff at Save the Storks. “I develop the staff professionally and spiritually,” Paul says, “drawing from my experience in ministry and fundraising.” In fact, Save the Storks founder and CEO, Joe Baker, says that Paul “is the person who holds the whole place together,” and says that Paul’s ability to listen and understand those he leads has contributed to the success of the organization.

Among his unique contributions to the Save the Storks team was Paul’s hand in helping to develop Assure Me: Save the Storks’ very own pregnancy test vending machine initiative. Also unique about Paul is the fact that he fundraises his own salary to work at Save the Storks. Paul is deeply convicted that the financial and prayer partners who support him in his mission, “are the heart and soul of Storks.”

To those considering a career in pro-life ministry, Paul urges everyone to do what God has called them to do. “My sense,” he shares, “is that one way many people miss out on being a part of the pro-life movement is failing to strongly and prayerfully consider adoption.” Paul cites the convicting statistic that, if only 7% of Christians adopted, the world’s orphan problem would utterly disappear. “What a beautiful expression of valuing the sanctity of life!”