Paul Crouch Jr.’s career in Christian broadcasting is second to none. He currently provides management, technical and creative consulting services for. GodTV, Impact Network, TCT Network and many others. Paul is also known for his long association with the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) which was founded by his parents, Paul Sr. and Jan Crouch.

Under Paul’s leadership as TBN’s Chief of Staff he introduced several new affiliate networks including the award-winning youth network JCTV and iTBN, a digital broadcast network which offers video on demand and streaming content. Paul also oversaw the expansion of the network’s global partnerships with cable and satellite companies while frequently hosting TBN’s flagship daily show, Praise the Lord as well as hosting his own daily show, Behind the Scenes.

In addition to his role with TBN, Paul founded PJ Video, a full-service video production company offering services to both Christian ministries and secular clients and co-founded The Edit Bay, a post-production editing facility. Paul’s focus over the past few years has been the continued expansion of PJ Video and pursing his passion for film production, studio design, and implementing new technology into churches. He is also producing TV programs and Documentaries for various ministries, including one on Donald Trump called, Trump-2024.