Mohamad Amin Faridi was born and raised in a devout Muslim family in the country of Iran. After years of faithfully following the Muslim faith his goal ultimately became to be a martyr in Jihad. This all changed after a divine encounter with Jesus Christ in Iran.

He made Jesus his Lord and Savior and started sharing the Gospel with fellow Iranians. As a result, he faced persecution and had to flee the country for his life. In 2012, he took refuge in America.

Mohamad Amin is an effective communicator of his salvation testimony and uses it along with his knowledge of Islam to teach Christians how to fulfill the Great Commission among Muslims. He has been interviewed by CTN, CBN, 700 Club, Daystar and has spoken in various Churches and mission organizations across the US. He is the president of Iranian Christian International, which advocates for the persecuted Persian (Iranian and Afghan) believers, as well as, disciples the believers through regional and international conferences and leadership seminars. He and his wife Susan also lead Destination USA, which “exists to equip the Body of Christ in the understanding of Islam and to reach Muslims with the Gospel.” He is the author of Forsaking My Father’s Religion.

Mohamad Amin is a licensed minister and a graduate of Charis Bible College. He and Susan have been married for eight years.