Mark Weimer is President of Strategic Media 21 (SM21). SM21 is a social media and online marketing firm with 30 people focused on social media and online media and advertising. The company sponsors several online publications, including Update America, Faith Family America, and others, with combined social media communities of 13 million people. Update America provides a Leaders Briefing to 250 conservative and Christian leaders with messaging which can be shared by those leaders to their constituents. The combined reach of these publications is between 100 million and 250 million impressions per month.

SM21 has also been active in supporting conservative causes and campaigns. In 2016 it ran focused ad campaigns for a SuperPAC giving over 400 million ad impressions across hundreds of campaigns aimed at 30 million potential voters in 14 key swing states.

Mark is also President of Alleluu, Inc. which is a non-profit organization using social media to reach the world for Christ. Alleluu has approximately 20 million people who have joined the community Hope with God, with over 700,000 people in 2018 indicating they had prayed to receive Christ at the site. Alleluu also sponsors PrayAmerica which has over 3 million people who have joined; the focus of this community is prayer for one another and for the United States.

Mark is also President of All Social, Inc. which is a new venture being released in March 2019. AllSocial is a new social media platform designed to provide a social media alternative to existing social media platforms. Existing social media often reaches only a small percent of followers; AllSocial will send messages to 100% of followers. AllSocial will protect privacy and never sell members’ data. Users can share content from other social media platforms. The goal of AllSocial is to reach hundreds of millions of people.

Mark is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Economics. He lives in Idaho with his wife Joan.

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