Director of DEMO

British Born Director of DEMO is Mark Rowe based at the Charis campus in Woodland Park Colorado. Mark was appointed by Andrew in April of 2014 to begin a new department of the ministry called Discipleship Evangelism Missional Outreach – DEMO.

Mark’s journey first began at the end of 2013 when he was asked by Andrew to visit Karamoja in Uganda to report on discipleship efforts there, as well as the practical needs of the people. For a period of time Mark also oversaw the International Operations of the ministry, and even today sits on a number of international boards as a director. Married to Lesley for 38 years who is currently Global Translations Manager for the ministry, they have two sons.

Together, Mark and Lesley pioneered and pastored a church in the UK for over 13 years; they also oversaw and facilitated an international worship ministry that operated in seven different countries. Both Mark and his wife Lesley have backgrounds in business. Mark from the world of finance, management and insurance, and Lesley from the IT sector, where she primarily taught and trained people. They have owned several businesses and throughout their marriage and ministry have always been involved in mission’s work, with Mark holding a relatively new Master’s Degree in Missional Leadership from the University of Chester in the UK.