Mark Gonzales is the Founder of the Hispanic Prayer Network and the Hispanic Action Network, two organizations that God is using in this hour to awaken, equip and engage the church to establish His Kingdom agenda and values on the earth. Mark travels the nation extensively, training, engaging, mobilizing and organizing the church in prayer and civic action from a biblical worldview. Mark has been an effective leader in the movements of prayer and civic engagement for over 15 years. He has had the honor of working alongside many great men and women of God in both the church and governmental arenas.

Mark has also had the privilege of working with some of the most renown ministries in the world. From the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to the Global Day of Prayer, National Day of Prayer, TheCall, Generals International, TransformWorld USA, Awakening America, America for Jesus, Texas Apostolic Prayer Network, United States Reformation Prayer Network, Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network & the list goes on. He also served on the Superbowl XLV Congressional Prayer Committee in 2011. Additionally, he has had the privilege of being a part of 20+ Stadium prayer gatherings where he has been a part of the organizing & mobilization committee. He has spearheaded national and international prayer gatherings that have been televised in over 100 nations.

Mark has also had the honor of speaking at the White House, in front of Congress, and has chaired numerous election campaigns, from the local to national level. In the 2008 Presidential Elections, Mark was appointed a Chair to the National Hispanic Advisory Council. He is one of the leading Latino voices on the issue of Life, Marriage and Immigration. Also, in the 2004 presidential election, he was awarded Person of the Year in his Senatorial District for mobilizing the Hispanic vote and was given a gavel from the State of Texas.

Pastor Mark believes strongly in getting involved in the community and has modeled that in his personal life and ministry. To that fact, he has served on many national and local boards and commissions.

Pastor Mark is married to his high school sweetheart, Beverly, and they have four children, Stephanie, Ashley, Marcus, Stephen and one grandchild, Josiah. They reside in Dallas, TX.