Everything about Mario Murillo defies the odds. He is a native of San Francisco, a city not known for producing international evangelists. His ministry was born in the drug obsessed, occult saturated 70s, in the epicenter of violent student revolution – Berkeley, California.

His gift seemed doomed to fail on an atheistic campus. Mix in persuasive Gospel messages with the raw healing power of Jesus. The unexpected result was a vibrant army of 2,000 students.

Mario’s international ministry began in San Jose, with a four-day crusade that was extended to six months and reached 250,000 people in an Azusa Street-type visitation. Mario impacted San Francisco in 1986, with the largest Christian gathering in a decade. He returned there in 1989, to preach for 30 days at the world-famous Cow Palace as 5,000 people flooded the altar. Also in 1991, Mario preached in Los Angeles to a packed-out Shrine Auditorium. In a historical two-day crusade, he watched 1500 gang members give their lives to Christ. In 1999, after six months of IMPACT to the city of San Francisco, Mario returned to the Cow Palace for five nights of power where thousands received Christ.

Mario annually conducts approximately 50 outreaches which are noted for the presence of God and exuberant worship. His preaching pierces the heart and unravels modern evil. His IMPACT meetings are designed to be a power point to draw people together in unity for the purpose of prayer, worship and winning souls. With careful, strategic preparation in unity under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, cities can experience a fresh fire of revival like never before.

Mario has authored several best-selling books such as Critical Mass, Fresh Fire, Fresh Impact, I Am the Christian the Devil Warned You About, and his most recent release Edgewise.