Lisa, lives Flower Mound, Texas, with her husband Jon.

Lisa has a diverse background in education, communication, and political science. During her undergrad years, she began volunteering on local campaigns in Montana, which parlayed into running a successful statewide campaign. After the birth of their son, Lisa began to teach government and civics in secondary grades while living in New Mexico, Oregon, and California. She completed her Master of Education and returned to Texas in 2006, at which point doors opened wide into the realm of marketing and public relations.

Lisa spent seven years in television and product marketing before stepping out on her own in 2013. She has held both volunteer and paid positions on various political campaigns, as well as worked on a diverse platform of causes around the world. In addition, she was elected to a county-wide office in 2015 and is actively working on Lt. Col. Allen West’s campaign for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.  Lisa is a majority and minority owner in two companies based in Dallas and sits on an international leadership board and is an active member of both Christian and political organizations in Texas and Georgia.