Currently serving as the Chief of Staff for production company, Bonfire Legend, Kylie Jean Tannehill’s professional background has most notably included work as a professional consultant, host and VIP relations manager of Crave News, communications director for Free Space Social, brand manager for Armm Inc, work as a journalist throughout the Trump Administration.

Kylie Jean doubles as a faith-based motivational speaker, discussing the importance of finding identity, living purpose-filled, and experiencing freedom in Christ. Although native to the west coast, Kylie Jean calls Nashville, Tennessee home since her career began as a singer, songwriter, and performing artist.

After her debut album Vertical released in 2010, she went on a national tour with iShine Live and was on the cast for the iShine KNECT TV show on Trinity Broadcasting Network. It was her winning the inaugural season of Dream Quest that propelled her to fulfill a dream of being a sideline reporter, eventually piquing her interest in investigative journalism. Kylie Jean completed her Bachelor’s in Organizational Communications from Regent University.