Ken was a small business owner in Wisconsin with a young family when God called he and his wife Andrea to Colorado . . . a place they had never been. He closed his business, packed up his family and moved to Colorado Springs in 2008 where they now live with their three children. Ken started a new business and the family started attending Church For All Nations in 2010.

In 2012 while watching national news, Ken began questioning whether or not he knew what was or was not constitutional. He realized he needed to increase his knowledge of this most important document and thought other Christian patriots might be interested as well. He started a Life Group at Church For All Nations in fall of 2012 called Understanding the Constitution. His first group had four attendees including himself. Since that time the class has grown to a point where he now averages over 60 people per session, three sessions a year.

This class is based on a 10-week video series by Rick Green of WallBuilders focused on restoring America back to its founding principles. The video series is educational and entertaining at the same time but the class interaction on how these principles are being applied in American politics, is truly what keeps people coming back!