Pastor Janet is the founder and CEO of Janet Boynes Ministries (JBM) which was birthed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has been through the school of hard knocks and the Lord saw fit to call her into ministry. In 2006, Janet Boynes Ministries became an official 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization. Janet was ordained with Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. In April 2018 she was ordained a pastor with the Assemblies of God church.

Janet once lived as a lesbian for fourteen years. She went from relationship to relationship until the Lord intervened and called her out. It’s been over eighteen years since Janet has been out of that old life. And now she travels the country not only sharing her story, but also God’s love and redemption. Janet says, “I can never get back the years the locust has eaten, but we serve a God who can redeem the times.”

She is the author of three (books). Her first, Called Out: A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom, chronicles her testimony. Her second, Arise: The Journey from Fear to Faith, is a self- help book for those who struggle and seek freedom. Her most recent publication, God and Sexuality: Truth and Relevance without Compromise, is a guide for parents, pastors and ministry leaders who want to help those who struggle with their sexuality. Janet will continue to publish more books in the near future as this is a viable platform to share the truth so that others can be set free.

Ministering to those who are lost in sexual sin is not an easy task. Many times Janet has had to face the backlash from those who seek to perpetuate a destructive sexual agenda. However, by God’s grace, she has managed to stay strong and committed. Like Paul the apostle she takes her role as a missionary to the churches, pastors and ministry leaders quite seriously. Not everyone is willing to take on this challenge given the turbulence which often arises when you decide to engage in warfare in the enemy’s territory. However, the Almighty God continues to be her shield and buckler regardless of the challenges.