Erin Lee is the mother of three children in Northern Colorado, a proud Army wife, a full-time HR Manager, Writer, Speaker, and the Founder of

She and her husband have become vocal advocates for parental rights after their little girl was recruited by her trusted Art teacher into a secret gender & sexuality meeting disguised as “Art Club” where their daughter was convinced that her normal 12-year-old discomfort means she is transgender. In this club, the teacher and an outside activist discussed attraction, polyamory, puberty blockers, and suicide. They positioned themselves as “safe adults,” gave the kids toys, and provided a cell phone number to reach out to privately. They also told the children multiple times that their families might not be safe, and that it’s okay to lie to parents.

Since rescuing her daughter from the throws of transgender confusion and the harms of predacious activists, Erin has been dedicated to informing others about the very real nightmare of gender ideology that has permeated our schools, our healthcare systems, the media, our culture, and even our White House. With her daughter’s complete support, she now uses their story to help other families and has connected with 100’s of families who’ve also been affected by gender ideology & public school secrecy.

Erin has told her story on Fox News, NewsMax, Glenn Beck, the EpochTimes, Libs of TikTok, and the DailyMail UK. She has testified in multiple states for pro-transparency, pro-parent legislation and against the gender mutilation of children. She and another family have also filed a federal lawsuit against their school district with former FL Attorney General, Pam Bondi, and America First Policy Institute as part of their legal team.

Erin recently contributed to Dr. Miriam Grossman’s new book “Lost in Trans Nation” and can be seen in the upcoming feature documentary “Dysphoria” by Fearless Features. She is also working with former CO Senator, Kevin Lundberg, on a documentary film project called “Art Club” which will be released this year – stay tuned!