“I passionately believe that Jesus’ last command is our first concern! We live in a world that desperately needs the love of Jesus. If we do not provide a way for individuals to meet Jesus, how can the lost in non-Christian cultures know Him as their Lord and Savior? The best opportunity for an individual to meet Him will most likely come from someone they know and trust. I am so grateful for the vision of Haggai International! Through the leaders who live and work in those places, people like me have a path to participate in “making disciples of all nations.”

What is your role and what are your responsibilities at Haggai?
I serve as Chief Executive Officer of Haggai International. I am responsible for leading the ministry, and ensuring that the world’s highest-qualified, credentialed, Christian leaders are equipped to powerfully impact their world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How does working at Haggai help you fulfill your personal life’s mission and or goals?
Haggai allows me to combine my passion for sharing the Gospel and my skills of organizational development to make an impact for the Kingdom. From an organizational perspective, this ministry has an extensive infrastructure, built over 48 years and encompassing 188 nations, that enables our leaders to reach the world with the Gospel. Haggai truly is a missions force unlike any other!

Highlight your previous work experience.
I joined Haggai International in 2008 as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining Haggai, I was CEO of Upton & Associates, an organizational development consulting and executive coaching firm based in North Carolina. My work focused on helping leaders, teams, and organizations increase their effectiveness to achieve desired results. I also worked for the Covey Leadership Center as a senior consultant. My clientele included leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Companies, and Westinghouse.

What additional information would you like to share about yourself?
I earned my Doctorate of Organizational and Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University, and I am a graduate of Duke University’s Business Coach International. When not on an airplane to the far reaches of the world, I live in Atlanta, Georgia. In early 2016, God brought an amazing man into my life, Bill Williams, former CEO of National Christian Foundation. We were both widowed, and God wrote a wonderful story of restoration and love in our lives. We were married on 1 October 2016. I am blessed to be a part of this family of three married sons and seven grandchildren.