Dave was a Chiropractor in Michigan for 44 years. During his 42nd year of practice, Dave read God Wants You Well by Andrew Wommack, discovered his authority regarding healing and he began to ask patients if he could pray for their physical healing. Of over 700 patients he asked, none refused his offer to pray! Many healings resulted and as an unexpected side-effect, conversations ensued about being born again, and 139 patients chose to do so.

Dave and his wife, Marian, decided to retire and move to Colorado to attend Charis Bible College, graduating in 2016 and Dave graduated from the Practical Government School in 2017. They served under Pastor Mark Cowart at Church for All Nations, establishing a Culture Impact Team there and at other churches, and Dave taught classes on healing.

In 2019 Dave was hired as Coordinator of the Practical Government School, a third-year school at Charis Bible College. Dave and Marian have been married for 52 years and are enthusiastically serving God through each door that He has opened for them. As a hobby Dave enjoys flying and together Dave and Marian love traveling with their travel trailer throughout the scenic Western states.