Daniel Amstutz started the Charis Healing School in 2011 with a powerful team of leaders, training thousands of students to date who have taken this literally all over the world, and “The Prayer Training Course” that was developed and taught by Daniel Amstutz and Carlie Terradez is now being taught in Charis Bible Colleges and churches all around the world as well, as a required class for our first year student body.

“Healing is Here” is an annual event that we started in 2014 and has become our largest event on our beautiful Charis Colorado Campus, and we have collectively seen thousands healed of every kind of sickness and disease you can imagine. We believe it is always God’s will for healing!

Daniel is an ordained minister who is seasoned with 50 years of experience as a senior pastor, associate pastor, worship leader and healing director.  Daniel loves to teach the Word of God and see people healed and set free. His sense of humor along with his relaxed style helps people receive this life changing message that God wants you to live a healthy prosperous life.

During a powerful supernatural encounter with the Lord in 1980, Daniel had a vision of people getting up out of wheelchairs and limbs being restored and all kinds of diseases being healed during worship. This immediately changed his ministry and Daniel began seeing a greater manifestation of the power and presence of God.

He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Colorado in vocal performance and a Bachelor of Theology degree from Christian Life School of Theology and several hours towards a Master’s Degree in Theology. Daniel is also a published songwriter, recording artist, and a published author. He’s been married for 46 years to Tracy and they have two grown children and eight grandchildren.