Andrei Senderov, born on May 11, 1984, originally from Ukraine, discovered his faith in Yeshua (Jesus Christ) in 1996. Embracing their Jewish heritage, Andrei’s family relocated to Israel in 1999. After serving as a commander and ambulance driver in the Israeli army from 2002 to 2005, Andrei pursued theological studies at the EMF School of Biblical Studies in the United Kingdom. In 2011, Andrei married Taisiya, and together they are active members of the Messianic congregation in Israel. In 2014, Andrei founded Isra Home Tours, a company specializing in organizing Bible-oriented trips to Israel. The company also offers exclusive trips for public figures, pastors, and churches. Andrei, a dedicated minister of the Gospel focused on the Messiah, is a respected public speaker who works to bridge the gap between Israel and the global community. He is a strong advocate for the state of Israel and the Jewish people. Additionally, Andrei is the founder of Israel Battle Channel, providing daily updates and insights from the Land.