Bronze Serpent Media is founded by AlfonZo Rachel, one of the most unique voices in social-political commentary. He began his video commentaries on MySpace in 2007 and his audience followed his work over to YouTube where his videos would be viewed by hundreds of thousands and even millions.

Rachel’s video commentaries became a favorite for his ability to express profound and creative perspectives from a Christian conservative angle with charming humor.

Rachel used his martial arts studio to record his video commentaries after teaching his classes. His observations have gotten him invited on shows like Bill O’Reilly, The Dr. Drew show, Red Eye, Fox and Friends, many radio shows, and speaking engagements where he has shared the stage with the likes of Andrew Breibart, Jack Hibbs, Herman Cain, Larry Elder, Bill Whittle, and many more.

Rachel’s commentaries became published as ZoNation on from 2008 to 2015. ZoNation was a play on his name, Zo; shortened from AlfonZo. He continues his commentaries called the Zo Loft; his place for chuckle therapy in a world that gets people down with so much backward thinking. Sinisturbia is another medium Rachel uses to illustrate the irony and absurdity of left-wing thinking. Sinisturbia is a teleplay project reminiscent of the Twilight Zone but more satirical.

His commentaries also include “Bible Trippin’”; a fun and insightful read through of the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse where he invites people to “Trip Out” on the mind-blowing Word of God. Rachel is also a musician. His main music project is 20 lb. Sledge of which he is the founder, principle songwriter, and drummer of. Rachel is cast as Detective Stark in the Movie, Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer.