Dran Reese is Founder and President of two 501(c)(3) non-profit ministries: Public-School Exit™ and The Salt & Light Council™ and its initiatives, The Content of Character Series™, Judeo-Christian Caucus™, and  Biblical Voter™.

Dran is completely sold out to Jesus Christ – to see His name exalted in the public square and government. To that end, these ministries were formed.

The Salt & Light Council offers tools, training, and ongoing backend legal support for churches, community groups, and missionaries ready to become salt and light advocates in the government, media, and education mountains. Dran speaks nationally on Biblical Citizenship our role and responsibility.

The Content of Character Series™ affirms the value and dignity of black Americans by offering statewide summits with nationally recognized speakers that inform, educate, and activate inner city communities in public policy and culture through a biblical worldview.

The Judeo-Christian Caucus™ is a California initiative that coordinates legislators with citizens on pressing issues that affect our Judeo-Christian Heritage and values in CA government.

Biblical Voter™ is a one-stop resource our all national and state voter guides and election resources for voting including kits for Biblical Voter Registration church and community drives.

Public School Exit was formed to help facilitate an exodus of American children and families from government-controlled education by educating the public and helping families. This is now the movement of our time.

Dran Reese has been married for 31 years with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She obtained a 4-year scholarship to USC in Business Marketing and, in her earlier years, was a product inventor that launched and sold the company Ready America. Her signature product QuakeHold! was considered one of the top 100 Products of the Millennium according to the Los Angeles times. Dran was also featured in the book Women Invent, among one of the many stories written on her past entrepreneurial success.

Dran also hosts a daily national prayer line www.RepentanceandRestoration.com that prays for America and all are welcome to join.