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Remember the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir and their 2021 video singing, “We’re coming for your children?” Remember that?  At the time, as many conservatives and “traditional morality” voices expressed concern, with equal conviction many voices essentially retorted, “Chill out!  Can’t you people take a joke?”

But for the “Gay Nationalists” working to groom America’s youth for a thoroughly woke, hyper-sexualized tomorrow- all of this is no joke.  Gay/trans/CT/Marxist activists take their work of deconstructing America with religious fervor. Because deviancy and license are their religion.

With contempt for God and His followers, traditional Americans are slammed as “Christian nationalists.” But let us call the woke zealots what they are- Gay Nationalists. An example of this is found in the now-infamous clip of transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg’s husband (sic) leading impressionable children in an LGBTQ+ pledge to the gay flag. Grooming youth in the gay/trans ideology— and pawning the meter of our nation’s pledge of allegiance to give teaching a sort of benediction— it is clear that fellow human beings are not the only thing Gay Nationalists seek to violate.      

Live as You Wish, but Don’t Destroy America’s Philosophical Foundation

The mainstreaming of homosexuality, the redefinition of marriage, the eisegesis of rights into the Constitution where inalienable rights previously would never have been implied— none of these social and political machinations could be implemented unless a pesky (for the left, anyway) little problem were forced out of the way: Natural Law. 

Great thinkers throughout history, and history’s religious and philosophical leaders (not to mention the Framers of our nation) have called it by many names: self-evident truth, objective morality, undeniable truth, and “natural law.” Space does not permit delineation of all implied by natural law, but for the purposes of this article, let me point out a few things that natural law would tell us:

  1. Males and females are different
  2. People of every era and culture know this
  3. One’s gender is an inherent/unalterable part of what it means to be a human being
  4. These things come from and are tied to God. 

Since the 1960s, our culture has been at war with natural law.  For example, deep inside we know that killing babies is wrong. But so we may legalize it and not feel too bad, we’ve spent decades engaging in mental gymnastics, denying that life begins at conception, and quibbling over when a human fetus should be recognized as a person.

Regarding the long-term conditioning of public consciousness so that homosexuality is gradually accepted (or at least, over time, made to appear less counter-intuitive), our children are fed junk science and junk history. Historical revisionism, so as to spin opposition to natural law in a positive light, has birthed a cottage industry of what could only be called “anti-knowledge.” (In a couple of debates I have done, pro-LGBTQ academics have said to me, “Throughout history the nature of marriage has always been fluid.”  This is simply false.)

But in order to usher in the moral and social changes that the progressives/leftists envision, natural law must be abolished. Or at least recognition of natural law must be abolished. The problem is, you can’t abolish that which is part of the DNA of reality. Alexander Hamilton (whose influence on the creation and understanding of the Constitution can hardly be overstated) spoke often of “natural law” and God, and of our obligation to acknowledge both. Hamilton called this moral law, “eternal and immutable law,” and is

“ . . . obligatory upon all mankind, prior to any human institution whatever. This is what is called the law of nature…. Upon this law depend the natural rights of mankind.”

Because of our desire to legitimize behaviors we know are wrong, humans ignore natural law or try to deny our awareness of it. But Hamilton (and the Founders) believed in human accountability to natural law because in our consciousness and in nature God has inexorably revealed moral truth: 

 “The sacred lights of mankind . . . can never be erased or obscured by mortal power. No tribunal, no codes, no systems, can repeal or impair this law of God, for by his eternal law, it is inherent in the nature of things.”

In jettisoning natural law and God from Whom it emanates, we are positioning ourselves for a very bleak future. And we are paving the way for a hell on earth for our children’s children. One of two futures awaits America and the West in the absence of a recovery of moral truth / natural law: Either the iron fist of communism or the iron sword of Sharia. Only the affirmation of natural law morality— and government based thereon— is sufficient to hold those two forces at bay.

The Framers of the Constitution understood that if we recognize God’s weaving of natural law and objective morality into the fabric of life, we could experience a blessed, “manifest destiny.” Should these things not be recovered, we will continue to head toward inevitable tragedy. In Biden’s “Fate of the Union” speech, March 7, 2024 . . . ahem, “State of the Union” address, you may have noticed that he said, “Trans Americans, I’ve got your back.” As a Christian minister and citizen, let me be clear:  Persons who identify as gay/trans/whatever are free to live as they wish. I will say that my heart is heavy with concern for their spiritual and psychological well-being. But for the President to endorse/enforce the philosophy of Gay Nationalism (a worldview insisting on presuppositions incompatible with, and detrimental to, our Constitution)— this cannot be tolerated.

Live gay, live straight, live chaste, live promiscuously— each of us will answer to the Almighty for how we responded to the truth we really did know. But the enforced abolition of known moral truth so as to placate the sexual deviants who are after our children; is paving the way for the loss of America.  In the name of God— it must stop.

Alex McFarland teaches at Charis Bible College and Directs their Biblical Worldview programs.  He is also a cohost of Truth And Liberty.