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Marxist crusaders have always been shrewd in their use of language. To sell their “communism lite” and lull unsuspecting citizens into believing their doctrines, socialists use words very strategically. Well-skewn, oft-repeated terms are used to demonize and silence voices of disagreement.

Woke, globalist, Marxists of the 21st century have taken the leveraging of language to new heights (or should I say “depths”?). With a malicious acumen that would make the talking snake of Genesis 3 proud, the woke left wants you to believe all honest disagreement comes from places of racism and fear. “Hateful” and “phobic” — in the minds of woke activists, that’s all that any of the rest of us are.

Decades of Struggle to Save the “Three C’s”

There are three “C’s” that woke activists hate. And people who, knowingly or not, represent the “three C’s” are viewed with more than contempt by the DEI / woke / Marxist globalists.  The three C’s, so despised by the left are, “Conservative,” “Constitutionalist,” and “Christian.”

Patriotic advocates of the “three C’s” have included many brilliant (e.g. Antonin Scalia), eloquent (e.g. William F. Buckley), and media-savvy (e.g. Rush Limbaugh) Americans.  Numerous clergy over the last few decades, mindful of the religious freedoms at risk should leftists realize their dream of a militantly secular America, have invested much pulpit time on the subject (Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Dr. Alveda King, Father Frank Pavone, Franklin Graham, et al).  

The Democrat party, tirelessly fighting for decades to obliterate the “three C’s,” has morphed into a regime enforcing things I am convinced would horrify FDR, JFK, and LBJ. On December 2, 2023, Clinton acolyte James Carville told Bill Maher that “what Mike Johnson stands for (Constitutionalism?)” and “these people (Christians?)” are “a bigger threat to this country than Al Queda.

No one would ever describe James Carville as “objective,” but it shows the myopia of leftist apologists that he and Bill Mahr would deride 63% of US adults as, “these people.” (That is the estimate of how many identify as “Christian,” be they Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox.) 

Let’s Proudly Embrace the Left’s Most Potent Slur of All

And now . . . let’s consider what I am sure the woke-tivists hope is their most effective slur against those who believe in God and who care about America’s future: Christian Nationalist.

Just about the only word that Democrats are strategically tossing out more than “democracy” these days is the term, “Christian Nationalist.” Their hope is that all conservative constitutionalist Christians will clam up, shrink back from political engagement, and contritely “promise to never do it again.”

Militants on the left and milquetoasts on the right should remember that over the past 2,000 years, essentially all progress on behalf of human rights and the spread of moral truth have depended on Christian involvement. Some of history’s most fortuitous moments resulting in the betterment of the human condition have come about when followers of Christ inserted themselves into governmental and cultural affairs. 

Many evangelical “celebrities” use their social media platforms to remind Christians that “our hope is not in politics.” It does sound pious to say that “Our allegiance is to God, not man. Our priority is the Gospel, not government.”

For the Christian believer, of course our ultimate home is heaven. Certainly, our number one priority is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Savior. But should the church be politically vocal, and can we do this without compromising our loyalty to our King and His Kingdom? Absolutely. In fact, we have inherited many blessings today from courageous Christians before us who were intensely politically engaged.

Most have heard of William Wilberforce and his crusades before Parliament to end slavery in Britain. Perhaps less well-known is his colleague Thomas Clarkson, but together they acted on their deeply-held Christian convictions, speaking publicly about (and to) the British Empire. They successfully engaged the help of Parliament member Thomas Buxton in their establishment of abolitionist societies, their work on behalf of child rights, and ultimately, the ending of slavery.

Good thing that these men (and their contemporaries) were eager to have their Christianity shape their cultural involvement. For those who wish for Christians to abandon political engagement, it is helpful to remember the immeasurable good done by Christians who were courageous enough (and wise enough) to understand the church’s responsibility to a lost world: servant of the poor, Mother Theresa; civil rights reformer Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., evangelist Billy Graham, educator Jerry Falwell, prison ministry champion Charles Colson…  to name but a few.

If Caring about God and America Makes Me an ‘Undesirable,’ So Be It

In 1941, Hitler staffer Reinhard Heydrich mandated the “Jewish badge,” visibly labelling all Jews age 6 and up. This planned labelling would publicly target for elimination those whom the Nazi’s found so undesirable. 

In trying to demonize constitutionalist conservatives as evil “Christian nationalists,” the woke Dems of today are doing the same thing. Had America’s lefties been amongst the German territories in 1941, they would have been enforcing the Star of David, just like with “Christian nationalism” they’re badging political enemies today. 

Don’t believe it? Well, look at who’s been standing with terrorists since October 7 who wish to drive the Jewish nation into extinction. They’re the same new-world-order globalists who want to expunge Christians from the U.S.A.  

Fellow patriot, be not afraid to own the term, “Christian Nationalist.” We believe in and acknowledge God, and we care about the future of America. We have convictions and courage.  We can’t be bought, and unlike the woke left, we Christian Nationalists are not in anybody’s hip pocket. 

Mr. Carville, we thank you for the compliment, and we thank God for our freedoms.

Dr. Alex McFarland is author of more than 20 books and co-hosts “The Truth and Liberty Live Call-In Show,”