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Sixty-three million.

Say it aloud.

With the compliance and funding of the US government, the multi-billion-dollar abortion industry killed over 63 million babies in 50 years.

Babies were dismembered alive. Saline injections melted tiny bodies. They were stabbed in the brain with scissors during partial-birth abortions. Sixty-three million babies have suffered and died since 1972, all legally.

Whether pro-life or pro-abortion, any rational person would ask, “Shouldn’t we question anything that kills 63 million children?” Abortion has killed more than the combined populations of the 45 largest US cities. We just celebrated Memorial Day, remembering 1.1 million men and women killed in all the wars of America’s 247 years. How many babies has abortion killed?

What’s Left?

One year ago, SCOTUS recognized that a “right to privacy” was never a license to kill. Dodd v. Jackson overturned Roe v. Wade, and abortion became a state vote. Fifteen states have banned or restricted abortion since, with more pending. What questions remain?

“They’re not alive.”

If not for the abortion, those babies would be alive. Every current medical textbook affirms that life begins at conception when sperm and egg form a human zygote.

“It’s not human.”

So, 63 million puppies died? Has any human ever conceived something other than a human in all medical history? Only in horror films. (As for puppies, it’s illegal in every state to drown a puppy in saline, cut it into pieces, or stab it to death with scissors.)

“It’s just a mass of cells.”

This is accurate and truly miraculous! DNA research proves that every element of human life exists in those zygotic cells. One Embryologist stated, “Zygotes contain all the DNA that will dictate every future cell, organ, and characteristic of that life. The difference in a human life after conception is only one of location.”

“What about incest or rape?”

Pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute says only 1.5% of all abortions are for rape or incest. Ninety-eight percent of abortions kill babies for being inconvenient or imperfect.

Candles Were Lit…

January 14, 2022 (only 5 months before Roe was reversed) it was my honor to speak inside the US District Court of Texas courthouse, Dallas, TX.  This gathering was part of a “sanctity of human life Sunday” commemoration organized by Pastor Robert Jeffress and the people of First Baptist Church. We lit 62 candles, each representing over a million lost lives.

There, in the courtroom where it was argued whether or not the unborn should have legal protection, it was my honor to present a speech on what it means to be a human being. I’m told it was the last Pro-Life event ever to be held there.

In sight of the docket where the decision was made to legalize killing for convenience is a large brass plaque that reads, “In God we trust.” I thought of it as I gave my speech and photographed it afterward.

Those justices ruled to snuff 62 million lives in view of a sign saying they trust the God who creates life. The walls were crying out! The vivid parallel to another historic miscarriage of justice gnawed at me while in that courtroom.

The Nuremberg Trials tried Nazi war criminals in the Palace of Justice, courtroom A-1. It’s the same room where Hitler introduced his “Final Solution.” That courtroom is, today, still as it was in 1945. One wall still displays the 10 Commandments. Opposite that is a Christian Cross.

Genocide was birthed, and justice was served in the same room, between the Decalogue and the Cross. The irony is as inspiring as chilling. The Nazis claimed innocence: “We obeyed the law” (laws legalizing the killing of Jews). The Tribunal said, “There is a higher law.”

Natural Law

Natural Law is that higher law – that innate accord people worldwide share on absolutes: murder, rape, human trafficking. Natural Law is the basis of the “unalienable rights” in our Bill of Rights—life, created and sustained by God, preeminent among them.

Hitler killed seven million in WWII “legally.” Sixty-three million died in legal abortions. I grieve for women who feel so pressured or despondent that they choose abortion. Regret often follows. God restores broken hearts, but He also cares about the unborn.

We questioned our actions when a pandemic threatened millions. Let’s apply the same logic to pre-born babies. If you are pro-life, stand. If you are undecided, consider the facts. If you are pro-choice, choose contraception or adoption.

Natural Law applies to abortion. Mark Twain said, “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.” I’m thankful the infanticide era is over, but we have some national repenting to do. Join me in celebrating life, helping women in crises, and applauding the brave Justices who stood for Natural Law—inconvenient but true.

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Alex McFarland is an author, broadcaster, and educator.  He leads youth conferences throughout the U.S., and directs Biblical Worldview for Charis Bible College, Woodland Park, CO.