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Increasingly over the past two years, major corporations have taken positions on certain issues that conflict with biblical morals.

From funding abortions to supporting the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization to promoting homosexuality and transgenderism for children, some famous brands are fully embracing ungodly policies promoted by the radical Left. In response, conservative Christians are making choices about their investments that reflect their values.

Billy Epperhart of WealthBuilders and Chad Frantzen of WealthBuilders Investments recently joined Richard Harris on Truth & Liberty to discuss responsible stewardship of kingdom finances and pro-values investing.

“Going to shop at Target is one thing—that’s just being a consumer—but investing in Target is a form of ownership,” said Frantzen of the woke retail chain that recently had pro-homosexuality displays in its stores. “Ownership is a huge deal.”

WealthBuilders Investments offers a Pro-Values Index that identifies 30 companies from the S&P 500 index that are operating consistent with biblical values, along with 30 companies who are pursuing a radical woke agenda.

“These are companies that pay really good returns,” said Epperhart of companies, like Caterpillar, who are on the positive side of the Pro-Values Index. “However, they’re not supporting the causes that we don’t stand for.”

According to WealthBuilders Investments, the Pro-Value Index was created “as a tool for investors who want to utilize biblically responsible ethics. Among the index’s guiding principles are to protect 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, adhere to the biblical view of marriage, and honor the sanctity of life.”

By visiting, people can sign up for more information and receive a number of free educational resources, including the Pro-Values Index. Believers who want to invest their money and use it for God’s purposes can make a principled stand for truth by investing in companies that offer a solid return while not conflicting with their beliefs

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