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(Editor’s note: Some links in the following article may lead to graphic imagery and explicit language, which may be troubling to some readers. Readers may also be exposed to images of the results of transgender mutilation surgery. Viewer discretion is advised.)

“We are coming for your children,” sang a gay men’s choir in a viral video released just last year. The song taunted those with biblical values, shocking Christian conservatives across America.

With recent news about shocking LGBTQ propaganda being used in public elementary schools and intentional strategies of the Disney company to indoctrinate children, it appears the radical Left really is targeting kids with outright perversion. Conservatives are pushing back against what appears to be open and unapologetic grooming of children to embrace homosexuality and transgenderism. But – no surprise here – the advocates for parental rights and traditional family values are getting resistance from teacher unions, fake news journalists, and woke corporations.

Exposing Harmful Liberal Ideology

A formerly little-known Twitter account named “Libs of TikTok” steadily grew in popularity among conservatives for exposing the foolishness of liberals on social media. The anonymous user simply shared videos from the Chinese-run app TikTok, allowing followers to see for themselves what leftists had to say in their own words about various topics.

What started out as poking fun at the Left soon turned into something much more profound. As Libs of TikTok dug deeper into liberal culture, the account discovered scores of videos from teachers, bragging about their LGBTQ lifestyles and sharing their ideology and personal information with students as young as preschoolers.

Some teachers are not just discussing sexuality with students in the classroom, they are brazenly recruiting children into the LGBTQ culture and encouraging them to pursue their own transgender identities, all without parents’ knowledge.

After exposing the gay teachers’ abusive conduct, Libs of TikTok has come under attack from the Left, including operatives in the mainstream media. Their supposed offense? Simply showing what liberals were actually teaching children – unnatural, perverted sexual indoctrination (instead of boring old math, science, history, and language skills).

Protecting Children from Indoctrination

In light of the rot in public education, conservative lawmakers are now working to pass laws that ensure parents are informed of what their children are learning. Florida recently passed the Parental Rights in Education act that barred discussions about sexuality with kindergarteners through third graders. One would assume that such a standard would be embraced without controversy.

But not so in the Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney Co., one of Florida’s highest profile corporations, took a ‘woke’ stand against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Republican-controlled legislature’s efforts to protect children, siding instead with the radical LGBTQ agenda. 

Videos leaked from an all-staff meeting at the company revealed the comments of Disney executives planning to actively inject LGBTQ narratives into children’s movies and television programs. The fallout was immediate.

Americans expressed their disapproval of Disney and the company’s value declined rapidly. Disney reportedly lost approximately $50 billion of value in the weeks after supporting grooming in the classroom. What’s more, state lawmakers and the governor worked to overturn Disney’s special tax status, taking away exemptions that essentially allowed the company to operate freely as its own government entity. 

Parents are learning that LGBTQ indoctrination in schools and ‘family-friendly’ media is insidious and pervasive. And the results are troubling.

According to a recent survey, a shocking 1 in 6 teens and young adults now identify as LGBTQ, as opposed to 1 in 11 Millennials, 1 in 25 Gen Xers, and just 1 in 50 Baby Boomers.

It should be no surprise that a steady diet of perversion on television and brainwashing in the classroom has led to a tipping point in our society.

A Biblical Perspective

According to the Bible, God designed us in His own image and likeness as men and women (Gen. 1:27), and we are charged by Him to be fruitful and multiply (Gen. 1:28). Every person is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps. 139:14). Sex was designed for men and women and confined by God to the lifelong covenant of marriage (Matt. 19:4-6). All other sexual activity – including all homosexuality – is sin and is condemned by God (Heb. 13:4). We are called to live out our purpose as God-designed men and women, and not to confuse the genders (Lev. 18:22, 20:13). 

Instead affirming children in their God-given gender, the secular culture of LGBTQ grooming tells kids to affirm their feelings that contradict physical reality. Gender isn’t just genitalia and outward appearance. It is a genetic reality that affects every part of the human body. The radical LGBTQ lobby wants to ignore this truth and advocates kids getting hormone treatments and surgeries to distort the external features of their bodies. This barbaric child abuse robs young people of the fulfillment that comes from living out God’s design, and leaves them sterile, mutilated, and forever enslaved to a lie. Transgenderism dishonors the body given to us by God (Rom. 1:24).

The Apostle Paul warned against changing the created purpose of women from what was natural, and of men burning in lust for one another (Rom. 1:24-27). Not only would they refuse to accept the knowledge of God, they took pleasure in those who did likewise (Rom. 1:28-32) – an almost textbook definition of grooming behavior.

The messages coming from LGBTQ teachers, media activists and entertainers are creating confusion in children. Instead of learning that they are designed and destined for purpose and plan, young people are told they can only find meaning in a new identity, separate from their parents, church, and godly teaching.

Unfortunately, the Church has not united against society’s attack on children. A troubling number of churches and pastors have embraced LGBTQ ideology and are actively participating in grooming culture.

Recently, churches across the nation celebrated the so-called “Transgender Day of Visibility” during “worship” services. On the denominational level, the United Methodist Church was rocked by a split that pits a faction of LGBTQ-affirming churches against those that hold a traditional and scriptural view of morality.

Those that are sowing confusion will reap a whirlwind. God is clear that he values children and entrusts their upbringing to faithful parents (Ps. 127:3, Prov. 1:8, Heb. 12:9) so they may know Him better. Those that groom children for a life of sin and destruction will be held responsible (Matt. 18:6).

Taking a Stand

For generations, American parents (including Christians) entrusted their children to public schools to learn basic skills, and to media companies like Disney to provide wholesome entertainment.

It’s time for Christians to be the vanguard against LGBTQ grooming culture. Churches were the birthplace of the American education and believers can reclaim the classroom for biblical truth.

Just last year in Colorado, more than 140,000 non-partisan voter guides were distributed in nearly 20 key local school board races. Candidates were asked a series of questions, including those about LGBTQ indoctrination in the classroom. 

After parents saw where school board candidates stood on key issues of morality, they turned out to elect conservative candidates to 78 seats in those key districts, flipping a number of boards in the process.

In entertainment, people like Butch Hartman – creator of the well-known Fairly Oddparents series – are working to create Bible-based and family friendly programs. Hartman’s The Garden airs regularly on GospelTruth.TV, Andrew Wommack Ministries’ internet television network.

If Christians will unite and work together to promote godly values in every area of society, the traps set by the enemy will be exposed and biblical truth will take hold. Children are a gift from God, and it’s up to parents and churches to protect them from ungodly grooming culture.

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