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Andrew Wommack is president of the Truth & Liberty Coalition. He and other influential Christian leaders formed the Truth & Liberty Coalition to make a difference in culture by speaking about moral issues and dealing with current events.

We may be standing on the edge of history—something believers have been praying about for nearly 50 years.

The United States Supreme Court looks like it may issue a majority decision overturning Roe v. Wade, a ruling that’s cost tens of millions of lives since 1973.

While this is a time of rejoicing and expressing our gratitude to the Lord for the brave men and women who are about to make this decision, and all the people who have worked against abortion all these years, we also have to stand strong in the power of His might (Eph. 6:10)—because our work isn’t done.

If the ruling in the Dobbs case overturns Roe, the issue should go back to the states to decide. Even though a number of states have laws ready to outlaw abortion, some are trying to go in the other direction.

Right here in Colorado, our legislature and governor just passed an ungodly law that allows a woman to abort a child up to birth and lets teenagers decide to get abortions without notifying their parents. What’s more, other states like California and Maryland are trying to allow babies to be killed 28 days after birth!

That’s just demonic.

Even if Roe is overturned, don’t think the Left is going to let it happen without a fight. I’ll tell you, people who are willing to support something like abortion are willing to do just about anything. That’s why we need to take a stand!

Standing on the Word

The Apostle Paul wrote that the “weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds” (2 Cor. 10:4). There may be no greater stronghold of the enemy in the United States than the taking of innocent life through abortion—and our weapon to tear it down is the Word of God.

The Bible has a lot to say about what we’re facing today. If we stay silent, unbelievers—people who don’t have a biblical worldview—are going to be the ones establishing all the policies in this nation, determining what we can and can’t say, and what we can and can’t do.

Just in the past few years we’ve seen this happen with the unconstitutional mandates related to COVID—and many Christians just accepted them! They moved away from the scripture telling us not to forsake assembling together (Heb. 10:25) and let their churches be closed. Now if people can’t even meet for worship, how are they going to stand against something like abortion?

Loving Truth

There was a woman in our Bible college who came to me once and said that every time I’d mention something about abortion, homosexuality, or creation, she would cringe and say, “Oh God, get him back on the Bible.” But after being in the school for a year and a half, she said, “I’ve changed, and my positions on nearly all these issues have changed.”

When she said that, I pulled her aside and said, “I’m not trying to criticize you; I just honestly want to know how a committed Christian could have these viewpoints that are completely contrary to the Bible.”

She said, “I loved Jesus and I really had committed my life to Him, but I really didn’t love the Word. When I came to Bible college and started hearing the Word, I fell in love with it. I let the Word dominate me, and I couldn’t hold on to my positions any longer.”

See, you can love God and be liberal in your social views, but you can’t love the Bible and be that way. You can’t be a disciple of the Word of God and just passively let something like abortion continue.

The Third Great Awakening

On Friday, March 5, 2021, I was in Oklahoma City at a meeting called The Encounter. I was just praising God and thanking Him for the encouragement of seeing the younger generation come along, take up the banner, and preach the Gospel.

As I was worshiping, the Lord spoke to me. He said, “There are some people in this auditorium who, in the future, will be telling the young people of their generation about what it was like to live during the Third Great Awakening in America.”

Now, “Great Awakening” is a term I normally wouldn’t use! I might have used the terms “revival,” “move of God,” “a new wave,” or something like that. It was clear to me that this wasn’t my own thought—this was God speaking to me that we were going to have a Third Great Awakening.

So, I said, “God, are You saying that we are actually going to see a Third Great Awakening?” When I said that, very clearly the Lord spoke to me and said, “No. It’s not coming. It’s already begun.”

The First Great Awakening was back in the 1700s and is what occasioned this nation coming into being.

The Second Great Awakening was in the 1800s and led to the end of slavery.

Now that we are in the Third Great Awakening, we may see the end of abortion in this generation—but it will take the Church working together to see it come to pass.

Working Together

Godly people are going to have to rise up and get involved. Real conservatives with a biblical worldview are going to have to run for office and tear down ungodly laws. Most importantly, Bible-believing Christians are going to have to stand on the Word of God.

Children are a gift from the Lord (Ps. 127:3). They are fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Ps. 139:14). Before they were formed in their mothers’ wombs, God knew them (Jer. 1:5).

Brothers and sisters, good things are already happening. We’ve got an opportunity to share the Gospel with this generation and disciple them to the things of God – including the sanctity of human life. God is doing great things through Truth & Liberty, and I believe He’ll do even greater things in the future. If we all work together, I believe we can turn around our state and this nation, and end abortion in our lifetime!

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