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Andrew Wommack is president of the Truth & Liberty Coalition. He and other influential Christian leaders formed the Truth & Liberty Coalition to make a difference in culture by speaking about moral issues and dealing with current events.

With all the negative reports we hear every day, it may be a struggle for some people to stay hopeful. One time I saw a bumper sticker that read, “If you’re not discouraged, you’re not paying attention.”

If you’re only looking at things from a human standpoint, that’s true. When it comes to the newswhat my friend David Barton of WallBuilders likes to call the “Ten Spies Network”—we hear about these massive spending bills they are passing through Congress, how our national debt is skyrocketing, and that inflation is running wild.

Some of you who have been following my ministry for some time may remember the letter I wrote in December 2008. It was a letter of hope at a time when many people were beginning to panic about the economy. It seemed like everyone in the news was predicting a so-called “Great Recession.”

I countered that negative mindset by making some very bold, God-inspired predictions of my own. I didn’t know all the details, the difficulties we would face, or the exact cost, but I went on record and said Andrew Wommack Ministries would build to accommodate growth. Instead of cutting back, we expanded during a time of “recession.” We simply refused to participate and chose to believe God!

Within a year, we purchased the 157 acres in Woodland Park, Colorado, we now call The Sanctuary. We developed that property into the Charis Bible College campus. I believe God has given us the right message at the right time. The world is hungry for the Gospel, and God is preparing people through Charis to deliver that message.

We went on the Trinity Broadcasting Network with our daily Gospel Truth television program in February 2011. This resulted in 60,000 new people contacting us for the first time that year – a 40 percent increase over the previous year. Ten years later, we’ve added a second broadcast to TBN that allows us to reach the West Coast of the United States – a region that desperately needs to hear the “nearly-too-good-to-be-true” news of the Gospel.

During our growth, God sent some of the best and most creative people on the planet to work for our media teams. They are putting the Gospel Truth on television and sending live streams—like the weekly Truth & Liberty livecast—around the world. In 2020, we added 130 live streams that allowed us to minister the Gospel in places like Asia, Europe, and Africa despite government-mandated lockdowns.

Our Phone Center set a record in 2020 by receiving more than 550,000 calls. We just achieved a major milestone this fall by opening our phone lines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means even more lives will be touched for Jesus!

It’s just awesome!

Sad to say, many Christians are still buying into the lie that they can’t prosper during perilous times. So, I think we all need to hear that message of hope once again.

In Genesis, we learn that Isaac went through hard times. There was a famine in the land (Gen. 26:1) where Isaac was a stranger. While people around him panicked and didn’t work their fields, Isaac saw it as an opportunity and took advantage.

Genesis 26:12 says, “Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him.”

Since there was a drought, others hadn’t planted, and food was in short supply, Isaac got premium prices for his crops. He was so prosperous, the king asked him to leave!

For he had possession of flocks, and possession of herds, and great store of servants: and the Philistines envied him. . . . And Abimelech said unto Isaac, Go from us; for thou art much mightier than we.

Genesis 26:14 and 16

This happened during a drought—when things were scarce and prices were high! What was he doing sowing seed in a drought? He was believing God!

This is the news we as believers should be listening to.

People invested in the Kingdom through our ministry, and we’ve seen God change lives. I believe the same could be said of the Truth & Liberty Coalition and our nation.

Truth & Liberty is making a difference by taking a stand for truth in the public square. This past fall, we distributed non-partisan voter guides for local school board elections around Colorado. As a result, voters chose candidates who promised to fight for parental rights, remove harmful curriculum from classrooms, and protect students from the LGBTQ agenda.

I was really encouraged by our Truth & Liberty Conference in September. More than 1,100 people came to Charis in Woodland Park to hear messages from influential Christian leaders including Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Mario Murillo, Bishop E.W. Jackson, and Pastor Duane Sheriff. I told Richard Harris, our executive director, that the conference was one of the best things I’ve ever been involved in. It was a blessing!

God is doing great things through Truth & Liberty, and I believe He’ll do even greater things in the years to come. Now is the time to invest our faith in what God is doing when other people are retreating in fear!

Even though reports in the mainstream media are increasingly negative, I believe there’s hope. The Lord told me that we are in the Third Great Awakening. We are seeing positive changes in our nation, and I believe Truth & Liberty is a major player.

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