Radical leftists are promoting revisionist history that removes America’s Christian heritage from textbooks and classrooms, but a faith-based organization is hoping to restore foundational truths through a nationwide tour.

“I believe 2021 is the year that we need to teach Christians why God’s role in America is irreplaceable,” said Chad Connelly of Faith Wins.

Connelly joined the Truth & Liberty livecast with Andrew Wommack and Richard Harris to discuss a number of issues, including the upcoming Faith Wins American Restoration Tour.

Celebrating America’s Christian Heritage

The tour is scheduled to visit sites across the country – 16 states and about 40 cities – from September into November, and will feature Connelly along with historian David Barton of WallBuilders. According to Connelly, the goal is to develop a “renewed interest and understanding of how special America is, and how God has had His hand on this nation from the beginning.”

“We’re going to do meetings with churches and pastors, activists, and people that care about our nation,” said Connelly.

Connelly said he was introduced to the work of Barton (a Truth & Liberty Coalition board member) about 30 years ago, during a time he was exploring biblical worldview. He read as many of Barton’s books as possible, learning about the truths of America’s founding.

“They were massively influential for me, because it’s eye opening to find out the truth about the ‘separation of church and state,’ to find out the truth about the Founders’ intentions, the original intent of the Supreme Court’s decisions, and things like that,” said Connelly.

Promoting a Spiritual Focus

According to Connelly the focus of the events will be spiritual with an emphasis on America’s Christian heritage. Along with Connelly and Barton, lawmakers and leaders will be on hand to share their personal testimonies.

“We focus on the Gospel – we focus on getting people the truth,” said Connelly. “We want people to bring their church members [and] their unsaved friends who want to know more about America and what’s made our country so special.”

With the tour scheduled for various times, the events will be presented in the mornings, afternoons, or  evenings. If events coincide with regularly scheduled church services, there will be time for worship.

According to Connelly, everyone is welcome to attend the American Restoration Tour events in their communities – even liberals.

“They are going to hear things that will challenge their thinking,” said Connelly. “Our intention is to inform and educate – we’ve got to get people to understand what makes America different and why it has blessed the entire world.”

Learn More

Learn more about Chad Connelly and Faith Wins at the organization’s website. Also watch for updates on the American Restoration and find out when it is coming to your area.

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