According to historian William J. “Bill” Federer, the recent wave of government overreach at the hands of a ruling elite class is part of a long tradition.

“Power wants to concentrate into the hands of fewer and fewer people,” said Federer, publisher of the daily American Minute history blog.

Federer joined the Truth & Liberty livecast with Andrew Wommack and Richard Harris to discuss a number of issues, including the roots of tyranny.

Discovering a Pattern

In looking at societies through history, Federer discovered that ruling elites consolidate power by convincing people to yield their God-given rights to strongmen in times of crisis.

“One of the things that you see in history is people will trade freedom for security,” said Federer. “And when they’re in fear they will give up their independence to somebody promising to fix it.”

In the nineteenth century, Karl Marx – the father of modern socialism and communism – used the triangular system of Hegelian dialectics (thesis, antithesis, and synthesis) to develop a plan to reorder society. According to Federer, Marx believed the status quo (thesis) could be disrupted by a crisis (antithesis) and leaders could consolidate power by providing a solution (synthesis).

Creating Crises and Solutions

Dictators like Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler created crises to topple the existing power structures and compel people to give up their liberties voluntarily. In post-war Eastern Europe, Soviet leader Josef Stalin employed the strategy to create totalitarian puppet regimes in numerous countries.

“You start off with a status quo, you create a problem that’s really bad, and everybody’s happy to settle for your answer that’s half as bad, and then that becomes the new starting point,” said Federer. “After each crisis, the people give up a little more of their freedom and independence.”

In 2020, Americans were asked to restrict their movements, close their businesses, and stop church services, all to ‘slow the spread’ of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Now, a year later, the economic and human costs are incalculable. Citizens gave up their liberties, only to see a disputed election and repressive measures used primarily against Christian conservatives.

“Is this what’s happening in America?” asked Andrew Wommack. “Is it intentional or is it just organic?”

“It’s intentional,” answered Federer, referencing Rep. Albert Hurlong’s 1963 speech to the House of Representatives, where he listed the 45 tactics Communists would use to take over America.

“Infiltrate the media, infiltrate the churches [and] replace revealed religion with the social justice gospel, infiltrate both political parties, infiltrate the teachers unions, destroy the institution of marriage, destroy the institution of family, [and] destroy respect for the Constitution,” said Federer.

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