Almost all of the people currently pushing Marxist ideologies in the United States have never experienced socialism in real life, but one lawmaker from Oklahoma has seen the damaging effects of it first-hand.

“This generation has no clue about communism or socialism,” said Republican State Sen. Nathan Dahm. “Most of them think ‘socialism’ means ‘social media’ – they have no idea what it truly entails.”

Dahm recently joined the Truth & Liberty livecast with Andrew Wommack and Richard Harris, to discuss a number of issues, including how to respond to socialism by fighting for conservative values.

Living Under Socialism

Dahm’s missionary parents moved their family to Romania in 1994. Though the communist totalitarian dictatorship was removed a few years earlier, the effects of socialism remained. As an American boy in Romania, Dahm witnessed what living under socialism is really like.

Dahm’s family saw hospital patients having to share beds and grocery stores with empty shelves. As foreigners not enrolled in the socialist welfare system, the Dahms were forced to buy food on the black market.

“I experienced massive inflation during the time period that I lived over there,” said Sen. Dahm. “Their currency became so worthless that, at one point, they dropped four zeros off of their currency because it had just been so devalued – it was the second-worst inflation in the world.”

When Dahm returned to Oklahoma as an adult and saw the rising popularity of socialism in America, he became involved in government as a Christian conservative.

Taking a Stand for Truth

Dahm has been rated as the most conservative lawmaker in the state Senate. Over the past nine years, he routinely championed constitutionally conservative legislation – even when some in his party would not.

“So many of them have this idea of ‘That’s not the hill to die on; that’s not our battle,’” said Dahm. “Well, if you don’t engage in those battles – if you don’t fight a battle on that hill that the Left is trying to take over – they will take it over because you’ve ceded that ground.”

For Dahm, legislating against government overreach – whether at the federal level or within his own state – is part of a larger battle. Being a Christian is Dahm’s primary identity, and biblical truth is the foundation for his personal and political beliefs. Standing against Marxist ideologies is crucial to preserving constitutional freedoms.

“Communism is a work of satan, it is demonic, and it must be opposed, especially by believers,” said Dahm. “But even Americans who truly value freedom should be opposed adamantly to communism and socialism.”

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