Democrat energy policies are already having a severe impact on American producers and consumers. They are also poised to significantly affect an entire state – energy-rich Alaska.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy joined the Truth & Liberty livecast to discuss a number of issues, including Alaska’s natural resources.

He recently published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, critiquing the Biden-Harris Administration’s radical climate plan and touting Alaska’s responsible energy development.

A Change in Administrations and Policy

According to Gov. Dunleavy, a change in the White House has brought changes to Alaska.

Considering Alaska’s proximity to Russia and Asia, Air Force One often refuels in Anchorage on international trips. This allowed Gov. Dunleavy to meet regularly with President Donald Trump in recent years, and discuss issues important to the state.

According to the governor, President Trump always asked the same question: “What can I do to help Alaska?”

“Quite frankly, I would say that President Trump was probably the best president in the history of Alaska, for Alaska,” said Gov. Dunleavy.

Under the Trump Administration, natural resources in Alaska were opened for development, including in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Tongass National Forest, and offshore oil deposits. The president also cleared the way for a railroad from Alberta, Canada, through Alaska.

“When President Trump left office, we were hit immediately with the new administration shutting almost all those things down, and then some,” said Gov. Dunleavy.

A Legacy of Energy Development

According to the governor, Alaska is unique in that it had to agree to develop natural resources to be admitted to the United States in 1959. In the eyes of federal officials, Alaska’s population was small relative to the size of the territory and could not significantly contribute to the nation via income tax.

Based on its history, it is essential for the state to harness its forests and bodies of water, and explore mineral, gas, and petroleum deposits.

“As we see what’s happening now, we’re getting a lot of that stuff ‘cancelled’ in this world of cancel culture,” said Gov. Dunleavy of the radical leftist environmental agenda.

According to the governor, restricting energy development in Alaska – where residents actively protect nature while responsibly developing resources – would actually hurt the environment.

“Alaska really protects its environment, probably better than any other place on the planet,” said Gov. Dunleavy. “Yet, when we we’re denied these opportunities by this new administration to mine or to do oil and gas, we’re going to send that opportunity overseas – to Africa, South America, Asia – where most likely the environmental regulations are not anywhere near Alaska’s.”

“You basically end up destroying the very thing you claim you want to protect,” said the governor.

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