Left-wing activists have led the recent rioting and social upheaval in America, with Muslims quietly participating in the name of diversity and equality.

According to a former jihadist turned evangelist, co-existence between so-called peaceful Muslims and leftist radicals cannot last. It’s all part of a larger plan built into the religion of Islam.

Kamal Saleem of Koome Ministries joined a recent Truth & Liberty live cast to discuss a number of issues, including the real heart of Islam.

“Today we see in the Muslim world that the small 2 percent controls the majority of Islam – the radical 2 percent,” says Kamal. “So what do you think they’re going to do in the United States of America?”

Waging Jihad Against Biblical Values

According to Kamal, Islam views America as part of the “House of War.” Any culture or nation that is not under Islamic law must be conquered through jihad, or “struggle.” Traditional biblical and constitutional values are being attacked by radical leftists and Islamists.

“They are really trying to turn America, because they have the same father – the Islamists, the socialists, the communists, the liberals – all of them are part of the ‘-ism’ movement,” says Kamal.

All of the groups are driven by the same hatred and rejection of God, and their values stem from the same root. It’s only a matter of time, says Kamal, before Islam begins controlling all of the movements as part of jihad.

Deception as a Means to an End

Islam encourages lying, misrepresentation, and duplicity as part of a long-term strategy to conquer a nation. Jihadists will work with any group to gain power before eventually betraying them.

“Islam operates under a political spirit,” says Kamal. “The majority of Islam is a political system – only 14 percent of it is religious.”

Jihadists are encouraged to lie to their enemies, even about their religion, to gain affection and build a relationship. According to Kamal, Islamists like those in the radical Muslim Brotherhood have deceived leftist leaders and worked their way into positions of authority in the U.S. government at the state and federal levels.

But the Gospel can still win the hearts and minds of radical Islamists and turn the tide.

“These Muslims will need God, just like I met God in this nation – in this nation, Jesus sits at the helm,” says Kamal. “I still believe the God of this nation is still alive and well, and He’s going to push and bring the Muslims to know who He is.”

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