A recent survey conducted by Dr. George Barna finds that only 6 percent of Americans hold a thoroughly Christian worldview, but biblical ideas continue to hold the top spot in American culture compared to other beliefs.

Whether you know it or not, everyone has a worldview—a lens through which you see the world. It is based on your own perspective, the way you process things, and your experiences.

Barna and his researchers found the vast majority of Americans are not influenced by the Bible, and “lack a cohesive, coherent worldview” at all. They “instead substitute a patchwork of conflicting, often irreconcilable beliefs and values as they navigate life.”

Dr. Barna recently appeared on the Truth & Liberty livecast. Richard Harris, Truth and Liberty’s executive director, says, “His study is a huge wake-up call to the church in America, and we need to understand what his research is showing.” 

Small Percentage Has a Biblical Worldview

While nearly 40 percent of people surveyed identified a significant number of their beliefs or behaviors that were influenced by moral principles, the percentage of people who live according to a biblical worldview is still small.

“One of the shocking outcomes from the research is that the biblical worldview, at a 6 percent nationwide incidence, was the most prolific of the seven worldviews tested,” said Barna. “However, with 94 percent of Americans essentially rejecting the biblical worldview as their preferred way to think and live, placing first in a race in which few people crossed the finish line is hardly a victory.”

According to the study:

Specifically, there was no single worldview embraced by American adults from among the seven worldviews measured—Biblical Theism (or a biblical worldview), Secular Humanism, Postmodernism, Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, Nihilism, Marxism (along with its offshoot, Critical Race Theory) and Eastern Mysticism (also known as “New Age”) . . .

According to Barna, the big winner from among the worldviews measured was “none of the above.” The new study found that nearly nine out of 10 American adults (88 percent) embrace an impure, unrecognizable worldview that blends ideas from these multiple perspectives—a worldview that Barna calls “syncretism.”

A Battle Worth Winning

Despite what you may read in traditional or social media, Americans are not clearly on the side of one worldview or another. If you watched the news in the past year, you may be under the impression that people heavily supported Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ agenda, and the presidential candidacy of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Leftist beliefs and policies actually have a very small base of core supporters.

According to the study, socialism (Marxism and critical race theory) is the predominant view of only less than one half of 1 percent of Americans. What is of concern is that about 10 percent of people surveyed lean toward Marxist thought in their beliefs and behaviors.

Media influence is driving public opinion however, and that propaganda is rooted in leftist ideology. It is a contest for the hearts and minds of America that biblical conservatives do not appear to be engaging:

Barna noted that in his more than 25 years of studying worldview in America he has discovered that people generally adopt worldview beliefs and behaviors that they encounter in arts and entertainment vehicles, in news reports, in political statements made by public leaders, and through conversations and experiences with people they trust. . . .

Barna suggested that the recent concern about worldview as the foundation of people’s decision-making process is a hopeful sign that Americans—and especially conservative Christians—may be waking up to the importance of worldview development, especially among our youngest people.

Finding Common Ground

While Americans’ beliefs are muddled at best, there is reason for optimism. According to a post-election survey conducted by Barna’s team, a “supermajority” of Republican and Democrat voters appear to agree on a number of issues, including increased manufacturing jobs, reduced federal income taxes for individuals, and expanded school choice.

What may be surprising to some liberal media observers is that there is not widespread support for the policies of Biden and Harris, who supposedly earned more than 80 million votes in the 2020 election:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, as well as other Democrats, have been quoted as saying that Joe Biden has a “mandate” to implement his proposed progressive agenda. Realistically, winning a presidential election by four percentage points is not considered a mandate. Neither is the fact that the Democrats actually sustained a net loss of 25 seats in the House and a net gain of just three seats in the Senate.

According to the survey, “pursuing these policy agenda items will likely increase political polarization and conflict”:

  • Universal healthcare provided by the U.S. government.
  • Redistributing wealth to reduce income inequalities.
  • More restrictive laws regarding private gun ownership.
  • Eliminating the use of fossil fuels as part of the “Green New Deal.”
  • Increasing the number of U.S. Supreme Court judges from 9 to 13.

Changing People’s Perspectives

Educating people of faith to engage in public affairs is important for maintaining biblical values in our society. We find often that churchgoers and pastors don’t know where to start. Our goal is to educate audiences and connect with resources and groups to help them impact their own communities.

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