In the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have seen government intrusions into personal and corporate liberty at unprecedented levels. Government lockdowns and restrictions caused over 100,000 small businesses to permanently close and countless lives to be lost to suicide or traumatized by abuse.   

As COVID cases dropped in recent weeks, hope across America for a restoration of freedom began to re-emerge. But the Biden-Harris Administration evidently has another agenda.  

The state of New York recently announced that it was rolling out a “vaccine passport” to prevent access to goods and services by everyday Americans who have failed to receive the experimental vaccines. The Biden-Harris Administration denied that it would ever require vaccine passports, but newly revealed documents show that New York’s program is actually part of a nationwide initiative fueled by the federal government.  

The documents show that government officials, at the federal and state levels, have been working with tech corporations to develop digital passports. The technology presently comes in the form of a smartphone application that allows businesses or government entities to require patrons to show proof of vaccination before entering the store or venue, traveling by air, or enjoying any number of other routine transactions

Our friends at Liberty Counsel have been examining the issue of vaccine passports and are sounding the alarm against government overreach and violations of individual liberties. 

“This is the single greatest threat to your freedom to travel, your health, and, indeed, even to live a normal life,” says Mat Staver, president of Liberty Counsel. “This is the high-tech equivalent of the Nazi demand of ‘Papers, please’ — and it is coming unless we stop it NOW.” 

Communist China Is Already Using Them  

According to Liberty Counsel

Communist China used the COVID pandemic to mandate a “health passport” phone app for every citizen. Promoted as a safety measure over illness, the app now invades every aspect of Chinese life. The “status color” the government sends to a person’s app determines whether individuals are allowed to go to work, enter stores and public places, or even leave their own homes at all. 

Since implementation last year, the Chinese government has sent regular updates to the apps, tracking more and more information and blocking people from public venues and participation for an ever-growing list of often secret reasons, including political ideology and personal debt. 

Amazingly, this Communist China-styled COVID health passport is now being implemented in America. 

The U.S. Government is Making Plans 

Though the White House has publicly denied supporting vaccine credentials, Liberty Counsel has obtained a copy of a presentation that lays out the federal strategy.  

Included in the government document are the following statements: 

  • “Vaccine Credentials—A Key Element of Recovery Efforts: Proof of vaccination for certain activities is not new. What is new is that such proof may be a critical driver for restoring baseline population health and promoting safe return to social, commercial and leisure activities.” 
  • Its goal is the “coordination and alignment of vaccine credential activities across [Health and Human Services] agencies.” 
  • “. . [F]or an individual’s return to day-to-day activities, Federal government will inevitably be involved with vaccine credential solutions . . . 
  • “Federal entities, like their commercial counterparts, will likely require vaccine verification for a variety of purposes.” 
  • This federal group “will build a shared database of initiatives and contacts for future meetings as well as a resource for Federal agencies to work with each other.” 
  • “The VA [Veterans Affairs] Office of Information Technology is engaged with the Vaccine Credential Initiative. We are implementing a VA-issued vaccine credential.” 
  • “Will there be federal uses?” It lists places that ask for vaccine passports such as “International and domestic travel,” “Access to Federal facilities,” “Access to VA/DOD and military facilities” and “Federal health care providers for continuity of care.” 
  • It is a “forum for raising awareness of initiatives across Federal agencies . . . and communicating progress to the White House.” 

Part of a Globalist Agenda 

According to Liberty Counsel, plans for vaccine passports and tracking technology are nothing new. For years, globalist leaders have been planning for a medical records database that is easily accessible and would allow governments to determine who is allowed to live freely according to their health status. 

These globalists are pushing a phone app to display your vaccine passport. The amount of information this program could track and disclose about you is incalculable: Where your friends are, when you leave the house, everywhere you’ve been, how often you’re in the same room with your spouse and where you worship. . . . 

What problems could that possibly cause? Ask Chinese Christians. Their government monitors and tracks the number of steps they take every day and then calculates “social credits” based on their movements. 

Our Founding Fathers knew the dangers of government intrusion. That’s why they wrote in the Fourth Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches . . . shall not be violated.” 

How to Get Involved 

“Vaccine passports are a serious threat! It’s time to fight for the freedom to travel, shop, dine, work and just live life,” says Staver. “Your health decisions must not be dictated by government bureaucrats or corporations. Demand freedom now!” 

To make your voice heard, visit Liberty Counsel’s website to sign a petition and to tell your lawmakers to STOP mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports. 

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