Democrats in Congress are working on sweeping election reform that would change how you vote, jeopardize privacy for donors to nonprofit organizations, and expand restrictions on political speech.

According to the American Family Association, the deceptively named For the People Act (H.R. 1) is “not about the citizenry but about Democrats preserving and cementing political power. They would remove the constitutional authority of the individual states to run federal elections and put that power into the hands of those in the U.S. Congress and the administrative state.”

The Democrat-controlled House recently passed the bill, and it now heads to the Senate. It is critical that all liberty-loving Americans rise up and express our opposition to this bill.

How Would It Affect Your Vote?

According to our friends at Liberty Counsel, the For the People Act:

  1. Unconstitutionally removes election authority from the states and places the federal government in control of our voting system. This makes organized corruption easier and more enticing. Our Founding Fathers recognized the risk of controlled elections and intentionally placed this power within individual states.
  2. Automatically registers people to vote based on government and private records, and individuals who do not wish to vote will be forced to decline their registration. This creates a much larger list of low-interest registrants which provides a greater opportunity to steal ballots and fraudulently vote.
  3. Tracks and makes public every single donation dollar. This will have a chilling impact on people who want to donate but are too scared, especially after anti-Trump groups created an interactive map that pinpointed the full name and address of even small donors to Trump’s campaign. This provides the opportunity for harassment, voter intimidation, and even violence.
  4. Changes the Federal Election Commission from a neutral body into a partisan controlled group with little accountability to the voters. This reduces protection for honest elections and places them under the control of whatever party is currently in power.

How You Can Take a Stand

The Senate may consider the bill soon, so act today! Sign the petition to Congress and make your voice heard, or contact your United States senators directly and tell them to vote “no” on the For the People Act!

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