With the Biden-Harris Administration positioning itself to be the most pro-abortion in history, there is much to be concerned about. Xavier Becerra is poised to secretary of Health and Human Services, the Equality Act would mandate that medical providers perform abortions, and taxpayers face the prospect of their money going to fund abortions.

Despite all that, there are positive developments in the pro-life movement. Recently, Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins offered an update on issues currently in focus.

While there is much to be concerned about coming from Capitol Hill including the pending votes to confirm Xavier Becerra as head of the Department of Health & Human Services and on H.R. 1 which is attempting to ensure Conservatives never win a fair election again and bully non-profit organizations like ours in silence . . . I want you to know I have a lot of hope for what is happening in our state capitols and on campuses across the nation.

In fact, when I look at what our students and team are doing in states across the country and in their local communities, I’m simply inspired.

I always say, “we are in this for the long haul” to our team, so I hope you are too. I am optimistic because, despite what’s happening in Washington, we are mobilizing the student army we’ve built in all 50 states more than ever before to introduce and pass laws in state capitols as well as transform hearts and minds on campuses . . . all which is helping us advance a post-Roe America. This is an agenda that can save lives and serve mothers, curtail the expansion of the abortion industry, and be used to challenge Roe in court.

Making an Impact

Kristan celebrated a number of “good news” updates from various states the past few months:

  • In Arkansas, the Life at Conception Act passed the state senate and house.
  • In Montana, a bill that bans chemical abortion on campus and educates about the danger of the drug used, passed the House and Senate and is headed to the governor’s desk.
  • In South Carolina, the Heartbeat Bill was signed into law by the governor. This means that abortions cannot be performed on children who have a heartbeat.
  • In Texas, Planned Parenthood was defunded from Medicaid funds.

“These updates are only a handful of what we’re doing across the nation,” writes Kristan. “Students for Life Action is currently tracking 176 pieces of state legislation.”

Students for Life Action has also created the Post-Roe Blueprint, a plan for saving lives during the Biden-Harris Administration.

Supporters of the right to life should take heart in this news and dedicate themselves with renewed focus to act now to end the genocide of abortion in our generation.

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