Big Tech is at it again!

YouTube recently removed a video of our Dec. 21, 2020, live cast with world-renowned Pastor Ché Ahn of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California. During our interview, referring to the 2020 election, Pastor Ché simply expressed the opinion “I totally believe it was stolen.” Those few seconds were apparently enough for YouTube to justify pulling down the nearly hour-long video, the focus of which was primarily Pastor Che’s ministry work and his principled stand against the unconstitutional lockdowns of California churches.

Richard Harris of the Truth & Liberty Coalition appealed YouTube’s decision by issuing the following statement:

To remove an hour-long interview of this highly respected and learned Asian-American because of one comment expressing his personal view about the election (a view shared by tens of millions of Americans), is wrong. YouTube is depriving its viewers of the knowledge and insight this guest brings on a host of important subjects. In particular, he relates his experience in the interview regarding a legal battle with the State of California in which he stood for the cherished rights under the First Amendment. If you are not already aware, his church prevailed in that battle in a decision issued by the U.S. Supreme Court issued just this week. Your viewers are entitled to access to this information. Stop the censorship. It’s wrong – plain and simple.

View the live cast video “Pastor Ché Ahn on Standing Up For Freedom and More!” on Facebook or listen to the audio on our podcast.

How to Take a Stand

The left and Big Tech are out to silence any voice that does not conform with their secular unbiblical worldview. At about the same time our video was being taken down, YouTube permanently suspended pro-life advocates Life Site News and removed all of their videos. This has to stop!

Recently, Family Policy Alliance stood with Focus on the Family’s Daily Citizen when Twitter blocked the outlet for stating the fact that a transgender woman is “a man who believes he is a woman.” Sign the petition today and let Big Tech know you stand for truth!

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