Policies regarding transgenderism, pandemic-related lockdowns, and leftist curriculum are fundamentally changing how our children learn and develop. In response, parents and other members of their communities have been stirred to get more involved in local schools, but they may not know how.

John Graves of Million Voices and Acts 20:28 Pastors recently joined Pastor Mark Cowart and Andrew Wommack on the Truth & Liberty live cast to discuss a number of issues, including Christians’ involvement in education.

Influencing School Boards

Forced lockdowns of schools have allowed parents to see what their children – learning online from home – are actually being taught. The most fundamental way to impact local schools, and have a voice in what students learn, is to get involved with the board of education.

“Local school board elections have such tiny turnouts, you could actually run for that office, and get behind somebody who has biblical principles who could run for that office,” says John. “And then show up at those meetings.”

According to John, there are numerous examples of churches working together, getting involved, and taking the majority of seats on a local school board to turn policies toward a godly perspective of gender and family. Even though many Christian parents are pulling their children from public schools, those who are led to stay in the system can still have a significant influence.

Taking Back Local Control

In Colorado, individual districts can decide on state mandates and determine what curriculum is best for their schools, which makes the involvement of conservative Christians that much more important. A recent bill that proposed drastically changing sex education in public schools to provide “comprehensive” instruction could be rejected at the local level.

“There is local control,” says Andrew. “And if we gain control of the local school board, we can exempt out of that without having to change the laws or curriculum; just say ‘We aren’t going to participate.’”

For our children’s sake, it’s paramount for churches to get involved and respond to these issues, because other community members are not taking a stand for biblical truth.

“These school boards, those are our dollars, those are our children, and it’s happening by permission of the parents and the people that refuse to get involved,” said Pastor Mark. “So we can make the difference.”

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