With social media working to silence free speech, leftists are also pressuring traditional media to remove conservative and Christian broadcasters. Many Christians wonder how they can have an impact.

Mario Murillo, international evangelist and popular blog writer, recently joined the Truth & Liberty live cast to discuss a number of issues, including the need for Christians to engage and shape culture.

Building a New Platform

Christians are under pressure to conform to culture and not speak out about biblical truth. Issues including marriage, gender, politics, and individual liberties have been declared off limits by the woke left.

“We’ve always been against the grain, folks. This is not a new deal for us,” says Mario. “What we’ve found is that Christians have been late to the game. We should have built our own separate social network programs by now.”

According to Mario, the Bible is filled with resistance and it is up to Christians to stand for truth. If the doors are closed to one venture, God will provide the means to create another.

“Just as powerful as we’ve been to build these great churches with multi campuses, we should have gotten together with all conservatives and long ago built something,” says Mario. “And God would give the church the wealth of the wicked to do it – if they just had the courage to do it.”

Being an Influencer

Many of the issues Christians face were created by the church withdrawing from the public square. Christian leaders did not encourage their people to participate in areas of influence where they could shape conversations for the Gospel.

“We were overly spiritual,” says Mario. “We got out of journalism. We got out of theater. We got out of art. We got out of intelligence.”

Mario shares that Daniel was gifted in all literature (Dan. 1:17). He could comment on the Scriptures, and he could comment on the culture around him. While ministering on a liberal university campus in Berkeley, California, Mario saw that Christians can minister to culture, just as Paul did at Mars Hill.

We are in an Acts 17 moment in America and Christians should engage culture with the Word rather than shy away from it.

“Jesus said, I will give you a mouth and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to gainsay nor resist (Luke 21:15),” says Mario. “That power is still there, to tell the leftists, ‘The church is going to rise up. The power of God will never be stopped. And this is America. And America is a special miracle.’”

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